Media In The Bag

The Mainstream Media is in the bag with the endless wars we are now fighting.

A bold statement, right?

Look at the prospect of the war in Afghanistan coming to an end….and then look at the reaction of the media….both liberal and conservative……they join hands in opposition to the end of this war.

It is a rare thing, indeed, when both establishment and media “liberals” and “conservatives” agree on anything. Nevertheless, lightning has proverbially struck this week as both sides attack President Trump with equal vehemence. Thus, here we are, and here I am – in the disturbing position of defending Trump’s (until Sunday) peace policy for Afghanistan. Nonetheless, though I don’t particularly like the way this position befits me, I’ll take it as a sign that I just might be on to something when the clowns at Fox News and MSNBC, alike, vociferously disagree with my position on an American forever war.

Few in the political or press mainstream ever much liked Trump’s regularly touted plans to extract U.S. troops from Afghanistan. Even “liberal” Rachel Maddow – who once wrote a book critical of US military interventions – turned on a dime and became a born-again cheerleader for continuing the war. After all, in tribal America, if Trump proposes it, the reflexive “left” assumes it must be wrong, anathema even. That’s come to be expected.

Only this time, even his own party has attacked the president after he let it slip that he’d planned a secret peace conference with the Taliban at Camp David and might even have announced a deal to gradually end the US role in the war during the anniversary week of the 9/11 attacks. Gasp! How dare he? End a failing war, save the lives of perhaps hundreds or thousands of US troops, and do so near the 9/11 anniversary? This amounts to heresy in imperial Washington D.C. But it shouldn’t be unexpected: Trump’s own policy advisers have opposed any meaningful steps to end the Afghan War from the get go.

The Media’s Betrayal of American Soldiers

I have been writing about this betrayal for years and now I am pleased to see that I am not alone with this criticism.

The media spends more time making the case for endless wars than it does reporting the the events of said wars.

It is understandable why this is so pathetic… is because of the entertainment industry……for they own the MSM……

As Sen. Bernie Sanders (CJR, 8/26/19) has recently noted, corporate ownership of media interferes with the core societal function of the press: reporting and investigating key issues at the intersection of public need and governance. And nowhere is that more critical than when it comes to climate. Due to their corporate conflicts of interest, trusted news authorities have diverted us from our primary responsibility—assuring a viable habitat for our children and grandchildren.

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“Lego Ergo Scribo”

2 thoughts on “Media In The Bag

  1. The way that the MSM and advertising money have become irrevocably entwined has made a nonsense of trusted reporting. The crusading journalism of the 1970s has all but disappeared now.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. There are a few sites that still believe in real journalism…Counterpunch, Altermedia, Common Dreams, and several more but they must be searched for for they are not commonly known….sad….chuq

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