Say Good Bye To Right-To-Work (Hopefully!)

Closing Thought–30Apr19

Tomorrow is the International Day of the Worker….so I thought I would post on labor and its place in American society…..

I live in Mississippi a right to work state….a term that sounds good but in reality means that if you want to work then you will work for less money……what a glorious idea of the conserv pricks in our country……I have written what I think of this idea…..and none of it flattering….

To say that I am not a supporter of this rip-off of the American worker would be an understatement…….but at least one state is fighting back at the attempt to make right-to-work a stable of their economy…….right to work supporters tried to use this as a union busting move and for the most part it was successful……..but Illinois is fighting back……

With the support of labor unions, a new bill prohibiting municipalities in the state from enacting “right-to-work laws” was signed into law by Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker last week.

The “Collective Bargaining Freedom Act” prohibits local right-to-work ordinances and imposes penalties for violations.

Right-to-work laws became a focus for state lawmakers after the village of Lincolnshire, a northern suburb of Chicago, passed one in 2015.

A federal court later overturned the ordinance.

8 thoughts on “Say Good Bye To Right-To-Work (Hopefully!)

  1. Georgia is also a right to work state. Appalachia where I grew up was very anti-union.
    When Carter was president he said he would sign a bill outlawing right to work laws. He took a lot of heat from reporters asking why he did not show leadership in that legislation. He did a poor job of responding to their questions. He did a poor job of explaining his positions. That is why he was a one term president. At least one reason why, anyway.

  2. Right to work prevents closed shop wherein union membership is required to get a job. That is correct isn’t it ? Personally this republican encourages every worker to become a member of a union in your trade and employment. It gives working people empowerment. But the choice should be up to the individual. I belonged to United Teachers of Dade (Miami , Florida) for three decades even though they supported a straight democrat party ticket every election. There are workplace issues that need union worker participation and knew a lot of principals that did not think they were doing their job unless everyone was in fear and miserable. Dictatorship of the proletariat has a nice ring to me to combat the dictatorship of the megabanks and megacorps. Supporting unions is one of the few areas this republican leans left. Govt and union oversight in capitalism creates more equity in wealth distribution than socialism and welfare.

    1. I have never run into a closed shop……membership or no job….I am not saying that it does not happen just I have never run into it. I think unions have screwed themselves over the years….chuq

      1. Yes, they have a negative side. Dad worked for Eastern Airlines for 34 years and got out just before Lorenzo came in to dissolve it. He worked in landing gear shop and decades ago he could “build/service” 30 wheels a day. Near the end as lead shop mechanic his entire grew of forty men could not do 30 wheels a day. The union protected all the sluffaws and endorsed firing only under the most extreme offences. Top salary, vacation, sick leave, medical and dental for entire family, free travel – employees lost it all. The low level of worker production could not sustain the high level of salary and bring profit to the air line. Shift was 7:30 to 3:30 but work did not really start until after 8:30 Cuban coffee and pastelitos . Then cooking for lunch started around 11:00, then lunch, then poker game. The 2:30 coffee break lasted to check out at 3:30. Lucky to get 4 hours of labor out of workforce for 8 hour day. The teachers union was not very effective against the cronyism and nepotism of the Miami Dade school system.

      2. I know my uncle work for Ford for 40 years and similar stories…..I feel people only think of unions as far as economics go and that is the blame of Gompers back in the early 20th century when he said it should be about money instead of political power….and it has been going downhill ever since. chuq

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