A Jobs Guarantee Resolution

Jobs and income stability should be priority one.

With the backing of civil rights organizations, labor unions, and economic experts, Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley on Thursday morning unveiled a jobs guarantee resolution demanding that “meaningful, dignified work” at a livable wage be made an enforceable legal right in the United States.

Presenting her resolution as an effort to build on the work of generations of civil rights leaders who have connected the cause of racial justice with the fight for full employment, Pressley said in a statement Thursday that “it’s long past time to pursue bold, intentional policies that affirm equity and recognize the dignity and humanity of all people”—an objective that requires sweeping legislative action, not mere tinkering by the Federal Reserve.

According to a summary (pdf) released by Pressley’s office, the resolution calls for a permanent jobs program that would be administered by the Department of Labor in partnership with the Treasury Secretary.

“The Secretary of Labor would direct Treasury funds to local Employment Offices to manage job guarantee projects and match job seekers to projects, as well as cover any related capital and administrative costs,” the summary states.

Jobs created under the new federal program, according to Pressley’s office, would be geared toward:

  • Ensuring the delivery of high-quality, professional care to children, seniors, and others in need of long-term support in family based, informal, and formal settings;
  • Augmenting the staffing of public education and early childhood learning, including Head Start and preschool;
  • Strengthening public afterschool programs, libraries, and recreational programs to provide lifelong learning and enrichment for people of all ages;
  • Implementing community infrastructure and improvement projects that revitalize neighborhoods and increase accessibility…;
  • Expanding emergency preparedness, and relief and recovery from natural and community disasters, including public health, natural disasters, and environmental emergencies;
  • Producing works of public art and documentation of American history akin to the WPA’s Federal Arts Project;
  • Implementing environmental conservation, remediation, and sustainability initiatives and increasing the energy efficiency of buildings and our housing stock to address climate change;
  • Rehabilitating and retrofitting our existing affordable housing stock to ensure safe, affordable, accessible, quality homes, and supporting the development of new affordable housing and social housing to address the nation’s housing crisis; and
  • Other projects that address public needs and can be implemented quickly.


This is a good plan….it needs to be more than a resolution….this should be immediate policy.

Be Smart!

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Looking For a New Job?

In these dark days of the pandemic there are many looking for new employment….well there is a new website to help those find and apply for gainful employment….

Wanted: Spies from all backgrounds and walks of life.

Striving to further diversify its ranks, the CIA launched a new website Monday to find top-tier candidates who will bring a broader range of life experiences to the nation’s premier intelligence agency

The days of all American spies being white male graduates from Ivy League schools are long gone. The CIA director is a woman and women head all five of the agency’s branches, including the directorates of science and technology, operations and digital innovation.

But while the CIA has been diversifying for years, intelligence agencies still lag the federal workforce in minority representation. With thousands of job applicants annually, the CIA wants to do more to ensure its workforce reflects national demographics.

The revamped website has links for browsing CIA jobs complete with starting salaries and requirements, sections on working at the agency, and a streamlined application process.

“We’ve come a long way since I applied by simply mailing a letter marked ‘CIA, Washington, D.C.,’” said CIA Director Gina Haspel, who joined the agency in 1985. She said in a statement that she hopes the new website piques the interest of talented Americans and gives them a sense of the “dynamic environment that awaits them here.”

Haspel has made recruitment a priority since she became the first female director in May 2018. Since then, the CIA has started advertising on streaming services, launched an Instagram account and an online “onion site,” a feature that makes both the information provider and the person accessing information more difficult to trace.


If you always wanted to be a James Bond then here is your chance to become a member of an age old profession.

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Need A Job?

Since I try to help out with some FYI stuff on weekends I thought this one would be helpful for those news grads that want out of Mom’s basement.

Would you like to travel and see exotic places and meet interesting people?

If so then I have a job for you.

Join the CIA team.

“It only takes one new piece … of foreign intelligence … and everything can change in an instant,” a CIA officer tells a classroom full of apparent recruits in the opening sequence of a new advert released by the agency on Monday.

“Start a career at the CIA and do more for your country than you ever dreamed possible,” the officer concludes the pitch reminiscent of Hollywood films.

The online recruitment campaign was conceived before social distancing measures were needed during the novel coronavirus pandemic, Central Intelligence Agency spokeswoman Nicole de Haay said. The agency has typically sought out future spies by targeting college students through “traditional” methods such as job fairs, she said.


Please I am not talking about the ever popular “Deep State”….here I am talking about having a job that will be satisfying and provide a service to your nation.

Let Johnny Rivers play you into your day…..

Be Well…Be Safe…..

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“Bad Apples” Can Find Work

The term being used for those that commit abuse against the public is ‘bad apples’…..it is a term used to try and separate the good from the bad…..

Just a quick reference point for my readers…..killings commited by the police since 2015…..

a screenshot of a cell phone

(graph printed in the WaPo)

That is just the killings….does not include the other abuses commited by the police.

And there are those that worry that these ‘criminals’ would not be able to find gainful employment….(personally I say let them dig ditches or clean port-a-lets)……

But not to worry for if they are fired they fly under the radar and get work in another city so they can continue their abuses of the public.

Now it is not so covert….Florida has openly stated they will hire those fired for abuse of the public trust…..

A Florida police organization’s promise to hire any officers around the U.S. who are fired or who leave their jobs during the nationwide uprising over police brutality was decried by critics Tuesday as indicative of a toxic law enforcement community that rewards severe misconduct.

The Brevard County Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) posted two messages on Facebook Saturday urging officers in Buffalo, New York; Atlanta; and Minneapolis to consider finding new jobs in Florida where the union claimed they won’t have to face so-called “spineless leadership.”


Spineless Leadership?

So-called police unions are the spineless gutless traitors of the public trust.

If they were truly concerned they would be leading the dash for reforms and security for the public.

Please stop calling these cowards as a “union”…they are not concerned with the worker as they are protecting bad players from the law.

Plus the narrative that the police use to explain what has happened is steadily disproved…..

Minneapolis police initially told the public that George Floyd died after a “medical incident during a police interaction.” The Buffalo, New York, department said a protester “tripped and fell.” Philadelphia police alleged that a college student who suffered a serious head wound had assaulted an officer.

All three claims were quickly disproved by videos seen widely on the internet and television, fueling mistrust and embarrassing agencies that made misleading or incomplete statements that painted their actions in a far more favorable light.

Police departments deny lying but acknowledge sometimes making mistakes when releasing information in fast-moving, complicated situations. The videos, they say, do not always capture officers’ perspectives.


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Say Good Bye To Right-To-Work (Hopefully!)

Closing Thought–30Apr19

Tomorrow is the International Day of the Worker….so I thought I would post on labor and its place in American society…..

I live in Mississippi a right to work state….a term that sounds good but in reality means that if you want to work then you will work for less money……what a glorious idea of the conserv pricks in our country……I have written what I think of this idea…..and none of it flattering….



To say that I am not a supporter of this rip-off of the American worker would be an understatement…….but at least one state is fighting back at the attempt to make right-to-work a stable of their economy…….right to work supporters tried to use this as a union busting move and for the most part it was successful……..but Illinois is fighting back……

With the support of labor unions, a new bill prohibiting municipalities in the state from enacting “right-to-work laws” was signed into law by Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker last week.

The “Collective Bargaining Freedom Act” prohibits local right-to-work ordinances and imposes penalties for violations.

Right-to-work laws became a focus for state lawmakers after the village of Lincolnshire, a northern suburb of Chicago, passed one in 2015.

A federal court later overturned the ordinance.

It’s Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!

Making America Great Again!  Apparently we do this by helping China’s ZTE corporation……wait for the WTF!

Remember all those jobs that the president said would come flowing back to the shores of America? 1.7 million jobs created in 2017…..compared to 2.2 million created in 2016….I feel confident that we will have a new day in this country any time now.

Trump is planning to save jobs in China….you heard me….CHINA…..that is the nation of China not China, New Mexico….

President Trump surprised the business world Sunday by saying Washington would help keep the Chinese telecommunications giant ZTE alive—right after US sanctions had crippled it, the New York Times reports. “President Xi of China, and I, are working together to give massive Chinese phone company, ZTE, a way to get back into business, fast,” tweeted Trump. “Too many jobs in China lost. Commerce Department has been instructed to get it done!” The Commerce Department last month imposed a seven-year ban on US companies shipping technology to ZTE, saying it had allowed workers to disregard US trade controls on North Korea and Iran.

Then ZTE, which has 70,000 workers across 160 countries, announced Wednesday that it was stopping “major operating activities.” So, what’s up? “Given his pressure on Beijing on trade, I don’t understand concern for Chinese jobs,” says technology and security expert Adam Segal. In fact, many analysts are “initially scratching their heads,” the Times says, while the Wall Street Journal calls Trump’s about-face “extraordinary.” Reuters notes that US suppliers like Intel and Qualcomm will likely suffer “a significant impact” from the Commerce Department ban. American companies are said to supply 25% to 30% of components used by ZTE, which makes smartphones and gear for telecom networks.

So Trump is going to help save jobs for a Chinese company…that ought to give all those workers that lost their jobs when Harley-Davidson closed their plant to move to Thailand so much confidence and a warm feeling while they try to get some unemployment hopefully they will not suffer the insult of being called a freeloader for needing help.

Also keep in mind that ZTE is one of the companies that has software to make a security breech easy……we will help save jobs and help make security violations so much easier.

That should “Make America Great Again”.

Hire The Elderly PSA

On occasion I do what I consider a public service post….this is one.

I am an old fart and retired…..there are times I wish I could work but the accident with Katrina left me all but lame……I know I have several retired followers and some may want to work and they may not know just how to go about it…..the Week came up with a good list and I want to share it with my readers……it is an issue that not much is said…….we are aged not dead!

1. Don’t … try harder
You read that right. Don’t.

If you’ve been on the job hunt for a while, with little or no success, you may have heard this platitude: Just try harder! But according to Bob Sullivan, co-author of The Plateau Effect: Getting From Stuck to Success, it’s actually the worst thing that you can do in this situation.

“When you find yourself putting more and more effort into something that’s getting less and less results, it’s not a sign that you should keep trying — it’s just the opposite,” says Sullivan. Of course, this isn’t to say that you should stop putting in effort altogether. Rather, you should try something different, whether it’s re-vamping your LinkedIn profile, networking more consistently, or working with a career coach to more effectively bust through a job-hunt rut.

2. Do … make your resume ageless
Lisa Johnson Mandell was in her late 40s when she suddenly found herself without a job. Although she made sure to show off her 20-plus years of experience as an entertainment reporter on her résumé, after countless job applications went unanswered, her husband gave her the hard truth. “He said, ‘Lisa, don’t hate me, but you really look kind of old on paper,’ ” she recalls.

So Mandell removed key age indicators from her resume, such as the year she graduated from college and the lengths of time that she was employed. “As soon as I sent out this new résumé that wouldn’t tell anybody how old I was, I started getting responses — I’m not kidding you — within 20 minutes,” she says. “And, in two weeks, I had three full-time job offers.”

The result wasn’t just a new gig, either — she also wrote a book, Career Comeback: Repackage Yourself to Get the Job You Want, in which she shares strategies for giving a resume a more youthful spin. “Somebody in their 20s looks at 20-plus years of experience and puts you in the same age group as a mother or grandmother,” she says. Of course, in an ideal world, experience should trump age, but Mandell adds that “if you’re really intent on getting a job, you have to make concessions.”

3. Do … brush up on your interview skills
If you haven’t interviewed in a long time, you could probably use some practice. Instead of role-playing with a too-comfortable friend, try going on a few interviews for jobs that you aren’t as jazzed about “because what you don’t want is to go on an interview for the job that you most want and screw up,” explains Art Koff, founder of RetiredBrains.com, which connects older workers with employers. “Every interview is a learning process.”

You may also want to record yourself speaking. It’s a tip that David Welbourn received while making a career switch at the age of 59 from a fundraising post at a hospital to a director role at a nonprofit. His advice: “Listen to your own voice, and ask yourself: Do I have enough emotion? Do I sound like I care?”

4. Don’t … write off temporary or part-time work
“Employers are particularly receptive to hiring the over-50 set on a part-time, temporary or project basis,” says Koff. “The employers get experienced, reliable employees, and in most cases, they don’t have to pay benefits for these positions, making these workers cost-effective.”

Koff even advises reaching out to a company that you admire and offering to work on a part-time, trial basis. “It gives you a little bit of a leg up because the employer can then say, ‘We can hire this guy, and if it doesn’t work out, we’ll let him go,’ ” he says.

In fact, that’s exactly how Evelyn Wolovnick found her way back into the workforce after being laid off from her job at an insurance company at the age of 59. After writing a few letters to companies suggesting that they hire her on a temporary basis, she landed a part-time consulting gig with a business in Chicago. Wolovnick signed the six-month contract six years ago — and she’s still happily employed.

5. Do … start a blog
Blogging about your field will help alleviate younger hiring managers’ concerns about your tech-savviness, advises Mandell. “It shows that you’re web savvy and that you’re up-to-the-minute in your field,” she says. “If you’re blogging about the latest advancements going on in your field, potential employers will say, ‘Wow, this person is really current.’ ”

6. Do … give yourself a makeover
Mandell often advises older job seekers to make an effort to look younger, like dying gray hair or shaving your head to disguise balding. “It sounds kind of vacuous, but it really can make a difference,” she says.

Welbourn received similar advice during his job hunt. “Somebody mentioned to me that I should get my teeth whitened, and dress a little less formally,” he recalls. “It doesn’t show a lack of understanding of the corporate culture — it shows confidence in being able to be a little informal with people in an informal setting.”

7. Don’t … ignore alternative ways to make money
There are a number of things that you can do on the side to earn money while you look for more permanent employment, such as freelancing in your field or even participating in market research surveys. “If you’re working a 30-hour side gig, we’re talking about making anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000 on a monthly basis,” Koff says.

There’s also an added bonus to this approach: If you’re forced to step away from a full-time job, you may stumble onto something different — and even more lucrative. Koff recalls the story of one man who, after being laid off in his 50s, said to his wife, “After all these years, I’m going to finally clean out my garage.” He did such a great job that he now operates a garage-cleaning company that staffs five employees!

8. Do … view your age as an asset
While working with New Directions, a company that provides career transition training, Welbourn learned how he could differentiate himself from younger competition. “I got wonderful coaching about how to make the case for myself not as an older person,” he says, “but as an experienced individual who was less likely to be fooled by situations, and someone with a good track record of success.”

I have done #5 and now I wait for the offers to come pouring in…..I jest…..any thoughts or additions that I have missed?

Can You Be Too Atractive?

Recently I did a post and made fun of the Saudis because the “religious police” arrested a couple of men for being too handsome…their reasoning was that their looks would entice women too easily……I said then and stand by my statement that it is an absurdity that their is a crime of being too handsome……..

But wait!  what is the old saying?  “Whatever you can do, we can do it better”……….Iowa has proven this statement……Think Progress has brought this to light…..

Standing by a December decision, the Iowa Supreme Court ruled Friday that a male dentist who fired a female assistant because she was too attractive and threatened his marriage did not commit sex discrimination.

The all-male court ruled against Melissa Nelson, who sued her former employer James Knight, alleging Knight’s wife told Knight to fire Nelson because “she was a big threat to our marriage.” Knight fired Nelson in January 2010 after more than 10 years working for him, later testifying that she was not fired for performance reasons.

The Court wrote:

“It is abundantly clear that a woman does not lose the protection of our laws prohibiting sex discrimination just because her employer becomes sexually attracted to her, and the employer’s attraction then becomes the reason for terminating the woman once it, in some way, becomes a problem for the employer. If a woman is terminated based on stereotypes related to the characteristics of her gender, including attributes of attractiveness, the termination would amount to sex discrimination because the reason for termination would be motivated by the particular gender attribute at issue.”

Can you believe the bullsh*t?

It Is Jobs, G*ddammit!


As an intro…..the Congress has defeated another jobs bill…..a simple put people to work bill was killed by amendments that made it unusable…….I still say that this is all a plan to keep the economy in the tank until the 2012 election….if so….all the players need to be shot for their participation in this political game…..

If you are a political person then you will remember the election 0f 2010……how Dems were bad guys…Pelosi was a communist plant…….the Prez was a socialist….and jobs were issue number one…..the people voted for the Repubs to return our country to greatness and to put us back to work……and how has that worked out for you?

Since taking control of the House in January of 2011, how many jobs bills have the Repubs offered up?  In case you have been under a rock….the number of jobs bills offered is….ZERO!

We have heard them tackle abortion, ethanol, deficit and the national debt…..but not ONE of them is too concerned with jobs or it would have truly been more important.  And now we are bombarded with the legality of the Libyan mission…..granted I am opposed to the action and yes it needs to be explained but NOT as a major issue to divert people’s attention from their (GOP) disastrous Medicare proposal….they had Weiner’s weiner as a diversion and now that is gone they need another one…..and Libya is it!  And when that one is no konger politically advantageous they will move on to…….immigration.

My point is…..JOBS!  That should be foremost on anyone’s political agenda and once we go back to work then worry about the other crap….and yes, all the other is pure CRAP!

If there is a master plan here…..could it be to keep the economy in the toilet as much as possible for the next election?  Are they playing a political game with people’s lives?

IT’S Jobs G*DDAMMIT!  The politicians have lied to the voter…yet again….how many more times do you need to be f*cked before you look for a change…..and I mean a real change….not some smooth talking politician that promises and NEVER delivers….

The voter needs to wake up…..they are game pieces that are discarded when NO longer needed.  How long will the comatose population continue to go through the political game unaware of their absolute uselessness after voting?  Does the voter know how silly they look to observers?

Just a thought!

Finally! A Jobs Plan

After 14 months of being in power, the House has taken on all issues but the ONE they ran on….JOBS!  We know what they want to do to women….or what they will do to Medicare……and that they will NOT commend the Seals for their efforts to get Osama……and we definitely know what they think of the Prez health act…….but what about the jobs?

Your wait is over!  The Repubs now have a jobs plan…a real one and it is in print.   A Rather Sparse Jobs Plan……… look at it! ….read it and weep!  It is the most vague and worthless use of 10 pages of paper…..if we remove the clip art and reduce the size of the font….it would fit on a piece of toilet paper……(Now there is an idea)……..

But at least we NOW have a GOP plan…..and let the jobs begin!