The Right To Work

A friend of Info Ink, Terrance of Sibboleth (go to blogroll and enjoy his site) who lives in Michigan…this post is for him and the state in which he lives…..

Michigan should not adopt a right-to-work law in an attempt to address its economic challenges, a new Economic Policy Institute paper finds.  In ‘Right to work’: The wrong answer for Michigan’s economy.

Sadly, this is not about a person sacred right to a job, but rather the state of employment in the Southern states, most notably…….A couple of years a go I did a post on the “right to work” and it has been getting a bit of traffic on it recently….the comments that I have gotten seem to show that not many people realize what the “right to work” really means…..

Let me help with the assistance of the Economic Policy Institute…..

Right-to-work (RTW) laws make it illegal for employees and employers to negotiate a union contract that requires all employees who benefit from the contract to pay their fair share of the costs of negotiating it.  RTW laws are designed to undermine unions’ bargaining strength, and their primary focus is the manufacturing industry.  Currently, 22 states have RTW laws.

RTW laws have no impact on the performance of state economies.  Seven of the 10 highest-unemployment states are states with RTW laws, including Nevada and Florida, which have unemployment rates higher than Michigan’s unemployment rate of 10.5%, and South Carolina, which also has an unemployment rate of 10.5%.  Factors other than RTW laws, such as major industries and climate, shape states’ economies.

RTW laws lower wages for union and non-union workers by an average of $1,500 a year and decrease the likelihood employees will get health insurance or pensions through their jobs.  By lowering compensation, they have the indirect effect of undermining consumer spending, which threatens economic growth.  For every $1 million in wage cuts to workers, $850,000 less is spent in the economy, which translates into a loss of six jobs.

RTW is not something that looks out for the working people of a state….it does however that the corporations want it…….it does nothing to expand the services that the state has promised to give to the residents… does nothing to increase the quality of life for the residents… does however give politicians a great source of income from the corporations that the states favor…..

If you like the idea of RTW…then by all means check out my state, Mississippi….there is NOTHING good that has come out of RTW….low wages, bad health care, poor education….to mention only a few….and then after checking it out….tell the politicians in your state just what you think of RTW!

4 thoughts on “The Right To Work

  1. Loboteto,

    Our whole state is run by right-wingers. They control both houses and the governor’s office. And of course there has been talk of tranforming Michigan into a RTE state, but I doubt it will ever happen. Unions are many and powerful in Michigan, and Snyder knows it. Recall efforts have all failed but if they start pushing that RTW B.S., you’ll see people change their KEEP SNYDER tune quick, fast, and in a hurry.

    Thanks for bringing this issue up and for the mention.

    1. Terrance,,,you are welcome and I do not want to see any more states like Mississippi… is an important issue and will do nothing to help the state….it will however keep pay low and benefits non-existent…..

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