Closing Thought–12Apr19

Medicare For All!

There has been a raging debate on just how all Americans can get the health coverage they need and want…..most from the Dems….the Repubs have NOTHING to offer but opposition to anything at all.

I spend a lot of time research stuff…..and so far I see only one way for people to get their health coverage……Medicare For All.

I’ve spent decades studying US health care. Time to get real: Medicare for All is the only reasonable path to controlling costs and covering everyone.

There is an instinct among political pundits to confuse caution for practicality — an assumption that those who advocate for incremental change are being reasonable, while those pushing for bold reforms aren’t. This is seen most starkly in the debate around health care reform, despite the fact that the “practical” pushers of limited reform fail to address the real problems in our health care system.

We all recognize that the status quo isn’t working. We spend more per person than any other country on health care, but we aren’t getting any bang for our buck. We have lower life expectancy, higher infant mortality rates and more preventable deaths, and too many personal bankruptcies are due at least in part to medical bills.

Where we disagree is the solution. The favorite new “reasonable” plan is “Medicare for America,” a bill from Reps. Jan Schakowsky and Rosa DeLauro that has won the support of big names like Texas presidential hopeful Beto O’Rourke and the Center for American Progress, the left-of-center think tank where the plan originated as “Medicare Extra for All.” It has been extolled in opinion pieces for some of America’s largest newspapers as a “realistic” plan to fix what’s broken in our health care system.

We will hear all sorts of lies about this plan…..the biggest will be the “S” word bullshit that Repubs still use and unbelievably is still effective……but regardless it is a LIE……
If Americans want health care for themselves and their families then Medicare For All is the only answer….it will control costs and cover everyone… is that simple.
Speaking of costs… will we pay for this program?
Sen. Bernie Sanders is not ducking the key question constantly posed to Medicare for All supporters by journalists, fellow members of Congress, and critics: “How will you pay for it?”
In a white paper (pdf) released Wednesday alongside the 2020 contender’s updated and improved Medicare for All legislation, Sanders’ office outlined a number of possible funding mechanisms for the comprehensive bill and detailed the enormous savings the U.S. would reap by transitioning to single-payer.
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8 thoughts on “Closing Thought–12Apr19

  1. The only way to get health care for all our citizens is a national health care system. Medicare for all us probably as good as any, although I have not studied all the different systems used in different countries. I believe the systems are somewhat different.
    That is no guarantee that the health care would be good.
    Russia/USSR has had a law entitling health care for all for about s hundred years. They have never funded the program. There are few doctors and hospitals and the care is very poor. Russia cannot afford to pay for the needed care.
    My point is that passing a law and being able to provide the funds to provide the care are two different things.
    Whatever we want to do, we have to be willing to raise taxes to pay for it or it will not be there.

  2. One problem is that Medicare gives doctors and hospitals a % of the bill and if they accept medicare they must accept that amount. It is far below the billed amount. Sure costs are cut but if providers cannot make a profit and have no money for reinvestment and expansion they will collapse and we will lose a huge amount of providers. Would you care to work at a mere subsistence level ? Would you care to operate a business that merely breaks even or loses money each year ? Once again this socialist solution destroys and eliminates the entrepreneurial class in our society which is the wealth generating class. Socialized medicine generates no wealth for the providers, wage earners, researchers and innovators. How can a system survive that doesn’t create wealth for capitalist system ? Socialized medicine gets its revenue through taxes but how could the taxes be paid if citizens have no wealth ? Medicare for all would also eliminate at least 5 million jobs. Without those salaries entering our economy other industry collapses creating a further downward spiral in employment . Our system today creates wealth in the hands of people. Eliminating the source of wealth eliminates the tax base which would sustain Medicare for all.

    1. Tax cuts diminishes the tax base….we pay now and we can pay if it comes to light….we do not have the best health care in the world because of greed…..if it is so good why did Rand Paul go to Canada for his operation? It will not be free as the fear mongers want you to believe….innovation will occur no matter the system. chuq

      1. I do support the idea of universal health care as a right but have no idea how to pay for it. Half the nation pays no income tax and if pay roll deduction made they all get a full refund. So if their income level is so low they qualify for no income tax how will the same low income be enough to pay for more taxes for health care ? In addition those already on Medicare will have to have benefits availability decreased while paying increased monthly premiums for less service for the added cost of universal coverage for millions of new enrollees. They already have their social security taxed by IRS on top of that. The idea of the tax cuts it to create jobs and get people of the welfare rolls and on payrolls which increases revenue and balance out tax cuts. Now I don’t have the stats one way or another but that’s the theory anyway. Where will the millions of people that work for insurance companies and adjunct industry find new jobs if middleman ins co eliminated ?

      2. I have written about the plans in the past….I am open to any plan that makes sense….and so far I have heard nothing from the GOP so until they stop lying and start a plan I am down with Medicare For All chuq

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