What Happened To Infrastructure?

Let’s see…..a highway overpass collapses and the electric grid in my area is so fragile that if we get a strong thunderstorm we lose power just yesterday for 6 hours and brown outs on several occasions……these are just most recent happenings…….. our infrastructure sucks!

2016 gave us Donald Trump and also it gave us his idle promises that got him elected…..you know that wall that someone else would pay for, and he would fix our crumbling infrastructure….highways, bridges and such…..

What happened to that promise?

The American Conservative has asked the question as well……

Those who live and watch the weather in the Great Plains know that the storms there are not singular in their effects. A lot of factors come into play.

How much moisture is locked in the soil, what the previous months had wrought weather-wise, how much runoff the rivers had been handling, and even how the volatile currents in the atmosphere mix as spring jostles with winter—all these things affect whether you can take the kids to the park or plant the corn this week or next or go fishing on the river today or tomorrow.

In mid-March, all of those factors came into play, and what looked like a land-based hurricane hitting Nebraska and its neighboring states on the weather radar was just that: a horrific and record-breaking storm that even many old-timers had never seen the likes of before. Meteorologists call such storms “bomb cyclones” and this was one of the biggest ever. The flooding in Nebraska was the worst in 50 years.


I know that if you support Trump (I suggest that you have a check-up)you will hate the Dems “Green New Deal”, right?

I know you do not want to hear it but that plan/idea is an infrastructure plan….you know that same thing that Trump promised along for million of jobs his idea would create…….


14 thoughts on “What Happened To Infrastructure?

  1. I think most developed nations now seriously lag behind with developing infrastructure to accommodate the increase in industrial and population growth. Over here, water is a big issue; either too much, or not enough.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Our infrastructure is crumbling and in need for an upgrade and instead we play a game about some vsnity wall that serves NO purpose other than making supporters bob their heads in approval….chuq

  2. Our infrastructure has been laid to waste since WWII, when we started rebuilding Europe, Japan, then So. Korea and right into the Middle East – that means ALL those presidents are to blame.

    1. People in the nation’s themselves did the rebuilding.
      Yes, for instance Marshall Aid was a great help however it was not altruisticlybgiven.

      The problem in the US in general with infrastructure is that you hardly ever invest in prevention, which in the end is cheaper.

      No, when disaster strikes everything is damaged or beyond repair, flooded, burned down, no electricity, no roads that in were already in a bad state before.

      The US has to find their own way to deal with their infrastructure. It will cost a lot to get it into shape.

      But please don’t leave foreign economical solutions that can be adepted to American conditions out of view.

      1. I certainly hope the Marshall Plan helped! The United States worked to rebuild post-war Europe, investing $22 billion — or roughly $182 billion in real 21st-century dollars adjusted for inflation — in economic foreign assistance across 16 war-torn nations from 1946 to 1952. To be sure, America’s post-war commitment to Western Europe demonstrated our nation’s character.
        And we continue that today throughout the world. We’re so in debt, we can’t afford to repair our infrastructure. And who will run to help us if we cave?

      2. Yes, it did help a lot and it was wused to country started again. However is also true that the US was not altruistic in the aid.
        Than and over the decades American aid was also use as pressure countries into US acceptable directions.

        Economical and political the US had much to win by a stable Western-Europe.

        Having said that the Dutch were and are grateful to all those that helped to liberate the country from occupation.

        I add this because I have encountered my fair share of Americans that pointing certain facts out as ungreatfulness. Something that other allies don’t do.

      3. Well, it seems the more we try to do for some people, the more they seem to hate us. It gets frustrating, as I’m sure you can understand. And the alternative to have us as friends is Russia or China, would Europe prefer that? Right now, all of us have a problem of being invaded with refugees and we can’t afford it.

      4. Sorry, I want to place a link but the link is not accepted.
        It’s you tubes links.
        If your interested you should search for American Military Cemetery Margraten in the Netherlands.

        Both sides are true, one in my former comment but also what Margraten will tell you.
        I hope you will take a look!

      5. Yes, I’m sorry. I made a few attempts to place a link but they didn’t it’s not accepted

        So, if you’re interested. Go to YouTube and search for American Military Cemetary in Margraten in the Netherlands. Both sides are true. That of my former comment to you about American aid but also what Margraten will tell you about commitment gratitude and remembrance.
        I really hope you will take a look.

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