Will He Ever Go?

I know that some of my readers think that I am a bit hard on the president….Trump in this case……but if they have been a reader for long they will know that I do not give any president a pass….I have been hard on most presidents both Dem and Repub…..

Most of America is aware of the legal antics around this president…..whether you agree with him or not…..

I was reading, as I am always doing, about the chances that Trump will resign before the 2020 election…..

As Donald Trump gave his 2019 “State of the (Dis)Union” speech, an unasked question haunted the event – will he be forced to resign before the 2020 election?  Much media attention is focused on “Russia Gate” and the Mueller investigation as well as the dozen or so investigations getting underway by the new Democrat-controlled Congress.  However, Trump’s real threat may come from the investigations of his – and his family’s – business practices being separately undertaken by the governments of New York, New Jersey, Washington, DC, and Maryland.

Trump’s leading biographer, David Cay Johnston, pulls no punches in his assessment of Trump’s questionable business practices. “He comes from a family of criminals,” Johnston explains. “His grandfather made his fortune running whorehouses in Seattle and in the Yukon Territory. His father, Fred, had a business partner named Willie Tomasello, who was an associate of the Gambino crime family. Trump’s father was also investigated by the U.S. Senate for ripping off the government for what would be the equivalent of $36 million in today’s money.”  Following the family line, Johnston notes, “Donald got his showmanship from his dad, as well as his comfort with organized criminals.”


Then there are those that think he will try to cut a deal on his legal problems before the 2020 election…..

President Donald Trump will not be removed from office via an impeachment conviction, but he will make a deal to exit his presidency “before the end of 2019,” says a former advisor to President George W. Bush. Alan J. Steinberg in an NJ.com op-ed says Trump will craft a deal to protect himself, his children, and the Trump Organization.

Trump will “use his presidency as a bargaining chip with federal and state authorities in 2019, agreeing to leave office in exchange for the relevant authorities not pursuing criminal charges against him, his children or the Trump Organization.”

Steinberg does predict Trump will be impeached by the Democratic-led House of Representatives, but says it is “highly unlikely” there will be enough votes in the Republican-majority Senate to convict and remove him from office.

This got me to thinking……and got me to asking….will this president ever leave office even if he loses the election?


Then the question is….will he ever voluntarily leave office even if he loses in 2020?

This past weekend I had a conversation with a friend of mine who is a lawyer. Let’s call him Pete. Pete is as opposed to the reign of Donald Trump as any other sentient American, but rolled his eyes at the non-stop discussion of constitutional crisis that has replaced sports, the weather, and the Kardashians as Conversational Topic Number 1 among the chattering classes, of which he and I are both card-carrying members.

Pete’s argument is simply this:

Trump is not going to be impeached, indicted, or thrown out of office under the 25th Amendment. Barring an unforeseen turn of events — like the revenge of a lifetime of Big Macs and Diet Cokes — the only way we get rid of him is by voting him out in 2020.

Would Trump willingly start a “civil war” to keep his place in the White House?

When Donald Trump’s former personal lawyer and “fixer” Michael Cohen testified to Congress last week, as The Inquisitr reported, he finished his opening statement with a dire warning about Trump, a man who he has known for more than a decade. Cohen warned that if Trump were to lose the 2020 presidential election, he may simply refuse to leave office, at least not without a fight.

“I fear that if he loses the election in 2020, that there will never be a peaceful transition of power. And this is why I agreed to appear before you today,” Cohen told the members of the House Oversight Committee, as CNBC reported.

Some interesting thoughts…..
Anybody have anything they want to add?
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16 thoughts on “Will He Ever Go?

  1. The fear-mongering of a President not peacefully leaving office pops up every four to eight years. Right wing whackos spread the rumor about Obama. Left wing whackos spread it about GWB. And so on and on and on and on. Trump is a whacko and a criminal and an egotistical fool, but we don’t do ourselves any favors when we waste so much oxygen on this type of lunacy.

  2. As you are already aware from replying to some of my posts on this subject, we do agree that pretty much however he goes, it will not be without the usual chaos.
    Trying to be brief here, but likely not…
    From day one I have been presenting Trump as having severe behavioral issues (and VERY questionable psychological issues) and very predictable presumptions at how all this would manifest into Trump’s actions (just compare to other leaders through history)…. and subsequently should be nowhere near the Office of the Presidency. So given all that there is absolutely no question in my mind that there will be a measure of reluctance in Trump leaving office in ANY way before he completes a second term.

    Now.. how that will manifest itself is a crap shoot and very likely will depend on the pressures he is about to experience over the next two years. But I am guessing there will be two ways he will “strike back” at his enemies. First will be is that he will go on a pardoning frenzy… all his former “circle of friends” that have been indicted/sentenced thus far. Of course, all his family members… and himself, in spite of that being a Constitutional question.

    Second, all through his candidacy and his presidency thus far Trump has performed to his base. Even as recent as this last week in some crazy interview he “hinted” at the military, his supporters, and biker supporters defending him “very badly”. There’s no reason not to anticipate Trump “calling up” his supporter minions in the months ahead in some “veiled” rhetoric that his minions will take as “code” to begin some violent confrontations/demonstrations. A civil war? No.. that will not happen. Why? The nation’s divisiveness is not based on differences in ideologies. Two different perspectives. Conservatives think Liberals hate Trump’s policies. To them, the man himself being a total incompetent doesn’t even enter the picture. Liberals, on the other hand, pretty much hate Trump the man. We are nowhere near a civil war. Yes.. as I explained in my last post…
    ..we got some serious threats heading our way as a nation, all centering around Trump, the man.

    One “good” thing in all this… the country has been extraordinarily fortunate that there’s been no real world event(s) crisis requiring diplomacy or massive military action. Sure, there’s Syria, North Korea, Russia in Crimea, but none of those are threatening anything larger…. so far. But you know damn well, Brexit… other economic pressures… some “actor” is going to test our vulnerabilities.

    1. I have read several noted people that write about his mental process…basically there is none….I rather enjoyed his threat of “bad bikers”, et al…..he is delusional at best. chuq

  3. Scary stuff! My speculation is: economic growth is beginning to slow, with there being a decent probability of a recession in 2020. So far the Donald was been lucky, riding on the coat tails of the Obama recovery and not having to deal with any issues of consequence except for natural disasters which he’s bungled greatly (think Puerto Rico). To date he’s signed nothing into law except for a generous tax cut for the wealthy; his executive orders being tied up in the Courts or over turned. If a recession does hit (and I pray it doesn’t) it is most likely to effect his older white male demographic the most, making America less-great again.
    At one time George Will (who I don’t often agree with, but is definitely anti-Trump) said America needs to suffer and feel some real pain so a man like trup will never be elected again. Worked for the Germans, Italians and Japanese, but not the Russians who let Putin oce more assume authoritarian rule. Awww…if we could only learn from history.

  4. I do not think there is any danger that he will refuse to leave office when the time comes quietly.
    There could be a lawsuit filed over the election results after the 2020 election as there was in 2000 over the results in Florida but I don’t see anything more than that.

  5. So much to unpack here . . . but then with this administration there always is – and not in a good way. The steamer trunk of dangerous rhetoric, shady dealings, divisiveness and more things than normal people can process is overflowing. The idea that we could go to civil war over this aberration is outrageous – yet not any more impossible than a madman taking control of Europe in the ’30’s.

    1. One reason I prefer to default into believing in the Constitution… and our institutions represented therein… and not the divisive rhetoric. For nearly 250 years it’s worked so that’s gotta mean something. Painful as it is (and it truly is for me).. it is temporary.
      I’ll be doing a post about this civil war talk.. and just what to expect if there ever was one. My moral reality check presentation to the world that won’t go anywhere. No civil war.. not to worry.

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