That Christian Sharia

The world and the country wait on pins and needles about the outcome of the investigations into Trump and his corrupt organization……will he be impeached……would that mean Pence would ascent to the throne of power?

Personally, I would rather see a corrupt ineffective president than him to depart and give the power to a Christian Sharia advocate……Mike Pence….he is a Dominionist……surely you can remember the days when Musims would make the US live under Sharia Law….total BS but there is a chance that a Christian form of Sharia could be looming…..

Say huh?

Those involved in what’s become a major component of the evangelical right in the United States call themselves “dominionists.” They follow “dominion theology.” Pointing to the Bible, they emphasize that in it God gave humans “dominion” over the natural world and life in it. This, they believe, gives them license to exploit the earth. Further, the “dominionists” have expanded this to justify theocratic rule of society.

It is an evangelical segment that Donald Trump has sought to attract. They constitute a significant portion of his so-called “base.”

Pence is a theocrat……religion is religion and politics is politics and nether the two should be intertwined.

The truth is that Pence is not a person we want in control….

Pence’s timing was even worse than his thesis. He delivered his address an hour after the U.S. Central Command announced the deaths of four U.S. personnel in Syria, an incident for which ISIS claimed responsibility. While the press widely noted the jarring discrepancy between his remarks and the fatal attack, it was silent about the strangeness of the country’s second highest elected official, a person with his own national security staff, blithely going on with such comments after the military had already tweeted to the world about the deadly attack.

Was he not accompanied to the speech venue by a member of his national security staff, or at least an aide capable of surfing the news sites on a cell phone for breaking stories that might affect the prepared remarks? Or was Pence actually informed about the Syria news and mechanically went ahead with the speech anyway? Either way, he doesn’t sound like the leader we need to manage a potential Cuban missile crisis.

Another discordant note: it was not as if Pence were haranguing a group of local notables in a Shriner’s hall in Muscatine, Iowa. In that sort of venue he could probably get away with saying more or less anything. Instead, it was an address to the Global Chiefs of Mission conference at the State Department—a foreign policy-savvy audience at a facility equipped for secure communication with all the nodes of the national command structure. That he thought he could pull the wool over their eyes with cheap talk of victory is one of those ineffable mysteries of faith.

For me flush both Trump and Pence down the toilet and give Nancy the chance.

7 thoughts on “That Christian Sharia

  1. I see Pence as no lesser evil. At least Trump is mostly transparent in his foolishness. It would be much owrse to have someone associated with such extreme-right ideals.
    Best wishes, Pete.

      1. This supposed ‘exodus’ of business is being reported all the time. But it was also happening before the referendum, as companies sought cheaper production and labour costs elsewhere, in countries like Slovakia, Poland, and Slovenia. Worth remembering that the UK is the largest customer of all EU products. It accounts for the same annual spending of no less than 19 other member countries. There will be some companies fleeing to avoid increases in corporation tax too, but they may well find it harder to continue to trade with Britain, if we ever leave. 🙂

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