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Closing Thought–26Feb19

For most Americans we know that the people elected a d/bag for president…..from sexual exploits to Russia to the corrupt regime he has around him……

This is just another example of how far he will go in his pursuit of an ego boost……

Nearly three years after hacked materials upended the 2016 presidential campaign, every Democratic candidate running for the White House has pledged not to knowingly use such material should they end up being published during the current election cycle.

Only one 2020 campaign declined to make such a commitment: President Donald Trump’s.

The Daily Beast asked each presidential campaign either up-and-running or in its exploratory phase whether they would commit to not knowingly using or referencing hacked material that appears online on grounds that it may have been obtained illegally.


Yet another boost to Trump’s fragile ego……he had Japan’s Abe write a letter to the Nobel….then another boost was floated…….

Then the conservative news outlet Sinclair has floated an idea on all its stations……Trump on Rushmore?

Sinclair Broadcast Group ran a segment across more than 50 stations in 28 states saying President Donald Trump’s performance could earn him a place on Mount Rushmore, MediaMatters reported

The segment, which ran on Presidents Day, featured former Trump aide and Sinclair’s Chief Political Analyst Boris Epshteyn touting the commander-in-chief.

“Presidents Day is an important holiday for us to reflect upon those who we have elected to the highest office in our land. We are lucky to currently have a leader in President Trump, whose term so far has been, I would argue, one of the most successful in our nation’s history,” Epshteyn, who worked for the Trump White House and campaign, said in the segment. 

“In just over two years of the Trump administration, we have seen great progress benefiting Americans. If this keeps up, much to the chagrin of many Democrats, the presidents on Mount Rushmore may have to make room for a new addition,” he continued.


Then there is the dictator thing that some are throwing out in the web…….

After losing his battle against Congress to secure funding for his wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, President Trump is declaring that that the congressional rebuff is irrelevant anyway. The reason? Trump is declaring an “emergency” under the “National Emergencies Act,” which, he says, authorizes him to spend U.S. taxpayer money on the wall without congressional authorization. He’s going to have the U.S. military, which will dutifully follow his orders, construct his Berlin Wall.

Trump’s action is the very essence of dictatorship. Check out other dictators around the world — Maduro in Venezuela, Ortega in Nicaragua, Diaz-Canel in Cuba, Kim Jong-Un in North Korea, el-Sisi in Egypt, and Zi in China. They don’t have to jack around with congresses. They have the authority to just act or order. That’s what makes them dictators.


Just a few thoughts to end my posting day……please if you have something to say my comment section is a good place to start.

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Where Did We Put That?

I like history and I detest nuclear weapons so anytime I can put the two together I shall take it.

I have written in the past about the US and its lost A-Bombs…..one went missing off the coast of Spain but that is as scary as it gets but not as scary as the thought that the US has lost or misplaced about 50 warheads…..that’s right I wrote…50……https://lobotero.com/2019/01/23/thunderball/

It was a little early to be swimming in the Mediterranean that year. But in early March 1966, Manuel Fraga Iribarne, the Spanish information minister at the time, and Biddle Duke, the American ambassador in Madrid, together with their respective families, plunged into the chilly waters off the Costa Cálida. Journalists from around the world had gathered on the beach of the small village of Palomares to report on the two families’ spring bathing outing. Their interest would have been surprising, if it hadn’t been for the hydrogen bomb lying on the ocean floor only a few kilometers away, a bomb with more than 1,000 times the explosive force of the one that flattened Hiroshima.

Only a few weeks earlier, on Jan. 17, 1966, the worst nuclear weapons incident of the entire Cold War had taken place off Spain’s southeastern coast. During an aerial tanking maneuver, an American B-52 bomber and a KC-135 tanking aircraft collided in mid-air at 9,000 meters (29,000 feet), and both planes exploded in a giant fireball over Palomares. There were four hydrogen bombs in the hold of the B-52. One landed, unharmed, in tomato fields near the village. The non-nuclear fuse detonated in two others causing bomb fragments and plutonium dust to rain down on the impact site. The fourth bomb fell into the water somewhere off the coast, burying itself in several meters of silt. But where exactly did it fall?


The more we know about the Cold War days the scary it all comes to be.

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The Golden Age Of Free Speech

We all know about the First Amendment ….the right to freedom of speech…..just how does that equate in this age of information with the access to the internet and all that goes with it?

For most of modern history, the easiest way to block the spread of an idea was to keep it from being mechanically disseminated. Shutter the news­paper, pressure the broad­cast chief, install an official censor at the publishing house. Or, if push came to shove, hold a loaded gun to the announcer’s head.


This actually happened once in Turkey. It was the spring of 1960, and a group of military officers had just seized control of the government and the national media, imposing an information blackout to suppress the coordination of any threats to their coup. But inconveniently for the conspirators, a highly anticipated soccer game between Turkey and Scotland was scheduled to take place in the capital two weeks after their takeover. Matches like this were broadcast live on national radio, with an announcer calling the game, play by play. People all across Turkey would huddle around their sets, cheering on the national team.


The prevalence of “fake news” accusations have expanded in recent years once it was shown just how influential the “news” could be.

Now just the hint of “fake news” can send any conversation off the course and onto the rocks of stupid.

Since we have been thumping our chests about “fake News” I have written about this on several occasions…..https://lobotero.com/2016/12/20/the-curious-debate-over-fake-news/

“Fake News” is just a modern use of Goebbels’s theory of propaganda and as usual I had thoughts on this as well….. https://lobotero.com/2013/01/11/what-is-propaganda/

Calling something “Fake News” does not make it so……and wrapping around the First Amendment does not make it a “true” statement…..and because something fits your limited view of the issue does not make it a factual statement nor does it make it a false statement.

The individual needs to the work to find the truth…….I wish I could state that I have ever confidence that the American people will search for the truth……but as usual I would be deluding myself for most Americans are too lazy to look beyond their little limited view.

And the beat goes on!

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A Disinformation Nightmare

If you follow the news for last 2 years or so then you probably have an opinion on the reports of the massive disinformation campaign waged during the 2016 election.

If not then where the Hell have you been?

That said here is a brief history of the situation in 2016……

We’ve seen many types of efforts to abuse Google’s services over the years. And, like other internet platforms, we have found some evidence of efforts to misuse our platforms during the 2016 U.S. election by actors linked to the Internet Research Agency in Russia. 

Preventing the misuse of our platforms is something that we take very seriously; it’s a major focus for our teams. We’re committed to finding a way to stop this type of abuse, and to working closely with governments, law enforcement, other companies, and leading NGOs to promote electoral integrity and user security, and combat misinformation. 

We have been conducting a thorough investigation related to the U.S. election across our products drawing on the work of our information security team, research into misinformation campaigns from our teams, and leads provided by other companies. Today, we are sharing results from that investigation. While we have found only limited activity on our services, we will continue to work to prevent all of it, because there is no amount of interference that is acceptable.


Well the prediction is that the 2020 election could be even worse for disinformation…..an attempt to obfuscate the issues and the candidates…..

As the field of Democratic presidential hopefuls slowly takes shape, so do the contours of a massive social media disinformation campaign that appears designed to torpedo individual candidacies, confuse voters, and create a general sense of chaos and mistrust within the party. A Politico investigation found that Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and Beto O’Rourke appear to be the “main targets,” but that no prominent candidate is exempt. In other words: If you thought the fake news sites and Russian Twitter bots of 2016 were harmful to The Discourse, it looks as if 2020 is going to be a lot worse.

The tools of the trade—eminently-shareable memes, scandalous-sounding questions, and incendiary hashtags—are standard-issue gross Internet fodder. One post, says Politico, pushed a “false narrative…alleging that a blackface doll appeared on a kitchen cabinet in the background of the senator’s New Year’s Eve Instagram livestream”; another “widely seen tweet employed racist and sexist stereotypes in an attempt to sensationalize Harris’ relationship with former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown.” The perceived distinctions between “centrist” candidates (you know who) and “progressive” ones (again, you know who) is also a popular pressure point. Many of the accounts in question were the same ones which, in the weeks before the 2018 midterm elections, tirelessly proclaimed that invading immigrant caravans would soon overrun the country if Americans didn’t vote as many Republicans as humanly possible into elected office.


This will make access to true issues a bit difficult but will the voter try to cut through the crap to get to the heart of the candidate?

As the pool of candidates vying for the 2020 Democratic nomination for president continues to grow, so does a “sustained and ongoing” push to spread lies about them on social media—with one key aim being to sow division among progressive voters—according to an alarming Politico report published Wednesday.

Citing analyses by and conversations with data scientists and digital campaign strategists, the outlet reported:

Researchers and others interviewed for this story say they cannot conclusively point to the actors behind the coordinated activity. It’s unclear if they are rogue hackers, political activists or, as some contend, foreign state actors such as Russia, since it bears the hallmarks of past foreign attacks. One of the objectives of the activity, they say, is to divide the left by making the Dem primaries look as chaotic as possible.


Will the voter have access to “real” information?

My guess is NO!

They will have to hunt for the truth….are they up to such a task?

Look! It’s North Korea Again!

The news is that Trump will have a second meeting….Hanoi to be second “summit” with Kim in Vietnam, Hanoi to be accurate (bad idea but that is just me)…..https://lobotero.com/2019/02/11/hanoi-wtf/

Once again the country will be laser focus on North Korea and Trump…….so I need to throw a bit of information at my reader that is not known by most……

First, a brief history that could explain everything…….

A good starting point for understanding the ongoing conflict between North and South Korea is the agreement between the United States and Japan in 1905, known as the Taft-Katsura Memorandum, which was signed as Japan was defeating Russia in the 1904-05 Russo-Japanese War. In that document the U.S. agreed to the Japanese colonization of Korea in trade for the American occupation of Hawaii (which the U.S. had annexed in 1898) and the Philippines (which the U.S. had acquired as booty in 1898 at the conclusion of the Spanish-American War). Koreans were not consulted about this arrangement.

In 1910 Japan annexed Korea, making it a subservient colony of the homeland; this had also been sanctioned by the U.S. In the Taft-Katsura Memorandum five years previously. Japanese rule was brutal: it is estimated that at least 18,000 Koreans were killed due to resisting the occupation. Koreans were forced to take Japanese names and speak only Japanese, young Korean males were impressed into the military and sent to Japan to work for slave wages, and tens of thousands of young Korean women were forced into sexually slavery for the pleasure of Japanese males.

Not surprisingly, when Japan surrendered to the U.S. and its allies on August 15, 1945, Koreans were elated at this apparent liberation from Japanese oppression. They were ready and willing to form their own government: a quickly formed Committee for the Preparation of Korean Independence (CPKI) organized people’s committees throughout the country to coordinate the transition to independence. On August 28, 1945 the CPKI announced that it would function as the temporary national government of Korea. On September 6th delegates from throughout Korea, both north and south of the artificially imposed demarcation line gathered in Seoul to create the Korean People’s Republic of Korea (PRK). Coincidentally, the Koreans announcement of their unified independence came only four days after Ho Chi Minh’s declaration of a unified independence for all of Vietnam.


Before Trump meets Kim he should take in all assessments…….this is an assessment offered by the Foundation for the Defense of Democracy (a neocon think tank)……..

The tools for implementing this policy included the North Korean Sanctions and Policy Enhancement Act of 2016 and Executive Order 13810, which made it possible to sanction new targets with connections to illicit finance, cyberattacks, and human rights violations. In the face of over 40 ballistic missile and nuclear tests – including three ICBM tests possibly capable of striking the U.S. mainland – as well as the successful detonation of a thermonuclear device, the Trump administration responded with multiple UN Security Council resolutions to reinforce the existing multilateral sanctions regime. In the face of such pressure, and buttressed by a vastly improved nuclear weapons and ballistic missile program, North Korea initiated a process of diplomatic outreach to its southern neighbor, which soon led to the North’s participation in the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. After the Olympics, Kim quickly arranged for his first summit meetings with the presidents of China and South Korea, before extending a surprise invitation in March to President Trump.


Now the question that begs asking……can progress truly be made with Trump’s style of negotiating?

Asked and answered?

The Donald Trump-Kim Jong-un show has been picked up for a second season, which will kick off with a live broadcast from Vietnam at the end of February.

The show’s producers and the TV networks were so thrilled with the first season in Singapore in 2018, the sequel was a no brainer. The thrill of the first ever meeting between leaders from the United States and North Korea – and these two leaders at that – merited round-the-clock coverage. The media was blanketed with breathless analysis for weeks on end, and on the day of the main event analysts in capitals across the globe stayed up all night to watch it live. Who could resist?


Trump has said that there is NO rush for denuclearization…….

Just days ahead of the second summit with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, President Trump is rejecting any sense of urgency, saying that he is “in no rush” and sees “no pressing time schedule” for finalizing denuclearization.

Trump and Kim agreed on denuclearization in general during last year’s summit, and Trump is optimistic about this next round of talks, to be held in Hanoi. He says “very positive things are going to happen.”

Progress has been slow going, and North Korea has expressed particular frustration that the US has further increased sanctions and other restrictions on them after starting to dismantle the program. Trump insists all sanctions will remain in place even after these talks.

So while Trump is expecting a positive outcome, and the two leaders appear to get along quite well, North Korea’s expectation to get something about of the deal, and Trump’s determination not to give them anything, is a big obstacle to get over.

Is the master of the “con” tamping down expectations before the new summit?

Probably not.

For he , Trump, has said that he would continue his bromance with Kim in yet another “summit” down the road…

Speaking at the White House a week before the hotly anticipated Hanoi Summit with Kim Jong Un, President Trump said that he expects there to be more meetings scheduled after this upcoming summit.

I don’t think this will be the last meeting by any chance,” Trump said. He added that he’d like to ease sanctions on North Korea, but would need to see “meaningful” progress from them first before making any changes.


And the “con” continues!

There is an unusual happening in North Korea….Kim is taking  hard line with opponents of any peace deal….

A week ahead of the next summit with President Trump, North Korea’s Kim Jong Un is reported to have removed some 50 to 70 people who were overwhelmingly hawks seen as resistant to the diplomatic process.

According to reports in the Wall Street Journal, these people are being targeted under a new anti-corruption initiative, but are being singled out as hawks. Some are being jailed, others exiled, and still others are being executed outright.

This collection of officials were seen to have been amassing power within the government, and some had used those positions to stock away some illegally acquired wealth. The money being confiscated in the purge in also shoring up North Korea’s economy in the immediate term.


This is a lot to take in and I am no Asian expert so if you need more info then I suggest you use the Google machine.

Could I possibly stumbled onto why the Hanoi site was chosen?

Vietnamese carrier Bamboo Airways will sign a deal with Boeing Co to purchase 10 planes on the sidelines of this week’s Trump-Kim summit, an airline executive said on Sunday.

The carrier, which is owned by property and leisure company FLC Group and made its first flights in January, placed a provisional order last year for 20 Boeing 787 widebody jets worth $5.6 billion at list prices.

“We will sign with Boeing a deal to buy 10 more Boeing 787s. This is different from the deal signed earlier for 20 Boeing planes,” said the executive who declined to be named due to the confidentiality of the matter.

“That means we will have ordered 30 Boeing 787s. The deal will be signed during the summit,” the executive said. (Reporting by Khanh Vu Editing by Keith Weir)

The saga continues!