2019 Psi Phi Society–Winter Session

It’s a bummer!

A new year and a new session of our discussion group, the Psi Phi (ΨΦ) Society….our Winter Session…..we usually meet at a steakhouse owned by a friend and have a good dinner and then a meeting of the Psi Phi Society to discuss the topics picked out of a stainless steel bed pan by our waitress….we set about to discuss the approved topis.

There are 11 members and we decided that we  need  at least 7 members to appear to make the evening “official”……sad this session only 4 members could attend……I was not in attendance had this battle with the health and decided I could not chance it……they decided to have a few after dinner drinks and call it an early evening…..

Only the second time that no discussion had been had…..15 years and only two…not bad….

So since we cannot discuss….I will try to give my readers some stuff to think about on this Sunday….

2018 has passed and we are already settling in 2019, but even as we move forward it’s never a bad time to remind people about the incredible things that happened this past year that have gone unnoticed. Even though there were many groundbreaking events that most of us have already heard about, there were some incredible discoveries made that might have flown under your radar. With this list we have decided to shed some light on the most incredible archeological discoveries made in 2018, that might change our understanding of history forever.


So enjoy your Sunday and hopefully I will return to normal by Monday and can resume irritating as many people as possible…LOL

Thanx for all your concern and best wishes…..they are much appreciated they brought joy while I was torured in the hospital……HUGZ

Be well, Be safe……..