Is The Earth Flat?

It is Sunday and I hope the weather holds up and I can return to the garden and contemplate the universe with my eyes closed……

I am a fan of the silliness that is given to me by those “Ancient Alien” folks… a historian I just get amazed how they twist history to fit some crazy theories….like aliens came to Mesopotamia in the early days of civilization to mine gold….the closest gold would be in Sudan…a point they overlook to make their point.

Remember the old tale that the earth was flat and it took Columbus to prove it was not…remember that fairy tale?

I do not know if you, my readers, realize that there are still those residents of the Blue Marble that still believe the old line about the earth being flat….no really!

Read what happens during an eclipse according to Flat Earthers…..(a fun read)…..

The Flat Earth hypothesis is one of the wackiest conspiracy theories out there, but seeing flat-Earthers come up with nonsense explanations is such Olympic-level mental gymnastics that you can’t help being entertained by their work. My favorite lately has to be their explanation of lunar eclipses.

In the real world of facts, lunar eclipses are caused by the Moon passing through the shadow cast by the Earth. During totality, the Moon becomes reddish in color due to the light from the Sun filtering through the atmosphere before reaching the Moon.

Obviously, this wouldn’t work in the fantasy land that is Flat Earth. The Sun and the Moon float above the pizza-thin planet so there is no possibility that eclipses could be caused by the alignment of Earth, the Sun, and the Moon. The cause of the eclipse is (cue dramatic music and flickering candles): the Shadow Object!

I thought you would enjoy something different this Sunday….thanx for stopping by and leave your comments…it is always a pleasure to hear from my readers.

Have a good day…be well, be safe

7 thoughts on “Is The Earth Flat?

  1. There’s a lesson here… in some way there’s a strong similarity with Flat-Earthers and Trumpian supporters.. and similar groups who believe in alt-worlds… facts and truth don’t matter.. conspiracies, doubt, fear are the primary motivators. Many people want or need to be led. In the absence of leadership.. well.. the gap is filled by anyone with a megaphone that spin a a yarn worth believing.

      1. No question. In effect our own blogs are a megaphone that represents our individual views… our followers tend to be those who are acknowledging or affirming what we say, sprinkled with those along for the ride out of “fellow blogger hand-shake” courtesy of a reciprocal follow. Any one of us can probably claim to “own” at least one or two who might actually support our individual run for the presidency… and it’s not a family member. 🙂

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