All Hail Project Troy

After World War Two the US started fighting a new war, the Cold War….and this was fought mostly on the world stage with the use of propaganda and manipulation…..1954 the CIA won a conflict in Guatemala using psychological warfare….and that brings us to the US program of propaganda and manipulation….Project Troy.

The phrase Cold War didn’t always refer to a time period. In the late 1940s and early 1950s, the very years that the battle lines between the United States and the Soviet Union were being drawn, U.S. foreign-policy strategists used the phrase to invoke a specific kind of conflict, one carried out by “means short of war.” If, as NSC-68, a key document of U.S. strategy, asserted in 1950, the United States and the Soviet Union were locked in an ideological clash of civilizations, a battle between “slavery” and “freedom,” a victory by force would be hollow. If the United States wanted to defeat communism, it needed to do so “by the strategy of cold war,” combining political, economic, and psychological techniques. “The cold war,” NSC-68 warned, “is in fact a real war in which the survival of the free world is at stake.”

This was a new kind of conflict requiring new kinds of weapons: psychological weapons. The question of psychological warfare preoccupied a small but influential group of foreign-policy officials during President Harry S. Truman’s second term. By the time that Truman left office in January 1953, the United States had laid the legal and institutional foundations for overt propaganda campaigns as well as covert action. During that period of experimentation leading up to the Eisenhower presidency, almost anything U.S. strategists could dream up, short of overthrowing foreign governments (that would come later), was up for discussion. Among other things, the Marshall Plan allotted $13 billion to rebuild Western Europe, Voice of America transmitted jazz and news to listeners in 46 languages in more than a hundred countries, and the CIA sent tens of thousands of balloons filled with anti-Communist pamphlets into China.

The Cold War gave us many new techniques for fighting an enemy without firing a shot in anger……

The history lesson is over for today……

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9 thoughts on “All Hail Project Troy

  1. As I often say, we sowed the seeds of that information and disruption ‘war’. Now it has come back to haunt us, in the shape of ‘rigged’ elections.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Back when I was in college I had a history professor by the name of Norm Kearny. An interesting colorful caricatures alone.. short, older guy with a rough mustache and always carried one of those wood stick pointers with the rubber tip, smacking it on some flat object to get our attention or make a point. He was one of the few college level instructors I had that had absolutely no class syllabus nor much of any organized classroom curriculum; preferring spontaneous interaction with the class. His exams were of marginal value and just fulfilled some institutional requirement rather than being an educational tool. Hence no problem getting a good grade. I thoroughly enjoyed the guy, to the point of being captivated. I had him for two history classes and a geography class I didn’t need as a graduation requirement. But what was intrigued me was his family name.. he was in the lineage of Civil War general Philip Kearny.. and “indian wars” Gen. Stephan Kearny, who spawned Ft. Kearny/Kearny Nebraska.

    But his real “value” that held my interest (I was still in my 20’s so sometimes people DID amaze me).. this guy was former OSS and did have a stint in the CIA after the transition and he did enjoy telling “war stories” of his days in intel. It was from him that I became aware of the broad range and facets in what constitutes intel, research being the huge part of gather information that can be used as intel.. and it was less about spies and secret missions. Even in his geography presentation.. spilling stories about how simple geography and climate in the Soviet Union could be filtered down to future necessities of their economy that might affect their need for imports.. thus making a negotiating point in nuclear talks.

    Anyway.. reason for this reply.. he told a ha-ha to the class one day.. and since then I have heard this CIA ha-ha before. It was not uncommon in the Cold War for the opposing inel organizations.. CIA, KGB/FSB, to try and snipe and embarrass each other. Apparently in one such attempt, the Soviets wanted to place an order for American condoms with some condom company. These were to be condoms made to their specifications.. thus implying the obvious.. Soviet men were more endowed than American men. Well, as it happened, the order reached the CIA, who did ok the deal with the condom company but with an added twist. The custom made Soviet condoms be shipped in individual packets marked.. “small”. 🙂

  3. Great” I love psycological warfare. 😉 Now they can act much more better, with capturing Social Media and OSINT: Maybe with a smartphone we all have cummulated all secret services at all, inside a small device. 😉 Best wishes, Michael

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