Museum Of The Bible

The bigots in the family that owns Hobby Lobby has run into trouble with their expansive project…….the Museum of the Bible.  (Basically this is just a money maker for the family fleecing the gullible)

These “people” are searching the world looking for antiques that prove the Bible is accurate down to the last comma…..but they have run into a bit of trouble……their display on the Fertile Crescent was comprised of many STOLEN artifacts from the war in Iraq and the National Museum of Iraq…..

I have a big problem with stealing a people’s history and culture no matter who the Hell you think you are….I have written about the stolen artifacts on display…..

There was more I had to say……

This incident put a big hole in their displays on the land of the Bible…..but a recent find will put another hole in their displays….

I seem that they, the Museum, got their hands on some fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls to add to their displays of the Holy Land…..first they bought and displayed stolen artifacts from Iraq and now it appears that they bought and displayed FAKE Dead Sea Scrolls…..

Less than a year after it opened, Washington’s Museum of the Bible is admitting that at least some items in its centerpiece collection of Dead Sea Scrolls are fakes. The embarrassing announcement Monday is the culmination of a technical analysis by a team of German scholars. They concluded that at least five of the museum’s 16 fragments are apparent forgeries, per the AP.

The authenticity of the collection was being questioned even as the $500 million museum held its grand opening ceremonies in November 2017. The scrolls are a collection of ancient Jewish religious texts first discovered in the mid-1940s in what is now Israel. Most are tightly controlled by the Israeli Antiquities Authority. But around 2002, a wave of new fragments began mysteriously appearing on the market, despite warnings from Biblical scholars

The harder they try to prove their premise the easier it is for them to be hoodwinked…..and the profiteers are making millions off these closed minded fools.

But the slap on the wrist that this group gets is nothing to the damage they did to a nation’s history and culture….there needs to be a harsher sentence than  a minor fine and promise to be good.


3 thoughts on “Museum Of The Bible

  1. The most common version in use here is known as The King James Bible, and was printed in 1611. So, we only really have their word for what was said and done in ancient times. In my case, I see it as a ‘legend’, and take it with a pinch of salt.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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