Is More Democracy Better?

We have just practiced one of our “inalienable rights”….we voted in the midterms and according to the pundits democracy has won out over the silliness in the country today.

But has it?

I still have not seen a backlash that all were predicting…..okay the Dems won the House…..who did not see that coming?  Repubs keep the Senate….and this is a surprise?  At what point will all that make a difference to my life?  But it does give the high paid pundits something to talk about…..

Just what did the midterms prove?

People voted…..Trump still has a 40% approval……Dems still are as rudderless as always….do I really need to continue?

But now let’s look at the democracy we love (about here someone will no doubt point out that the US is a republic…..thanx for that now go back to sleep)……

Candidates and Political Parties…….the candidates no longer need to hold to party ideology……

n the late evening of August 29, 1968, a balding fifty-seven-year-old wearing a black suit and a black tie took the stage at the International Amphitheatre, in Chicago, to accept his party’s nomination for the Presidency of the United States. Framed by a gray backdrop, Hubert Humphrey promised America a bright new day: “It is the special genius of the Democratic Party that it welcomes change, not as an enemy but as an ally; not as a force to be suppressed but as an instrument of progress to be encouraged.”

When he was first elected to the U.S. Senate, some two decades earlier, Humphrey was hailed as a liberal hero for his outspoken support of civil rights. When he served as Lyndon B. Johnson’s Vice-President, he continued to champion progressive causes like equal-opportunity hiring and privately expressed misgivings about the military escalation in Vietnam. But, during the primaries, he did not publicly distance himself from Johnson even as the President became less and less popular, and activists gradually came to see Humphrey as the hapless face of a failing establishment. “Once a fiery liberal spirit,” the satirist Tom Lehrer lamented in song, “Ah, but now when he speaks he must clear it. / Second fiddle’s a hard part, I know, / When they don’t even give you a bow.”

An outside group, Indivisible, has taken upon themselves to help the Dems grow a spine…..a lofty task……..

After more than year of playing defense against President Donald Trump and the GOP’s attacks on healthcare, workers, immigrants, refugees, the LGBTQ community, and the common good, the progressive group Indivisible on Tuesday published a new action guide aimed at helping organizers and constituents go beyond resistance and pressure the new House Democratic majority to fight for a positive, ambitious agenda.

“This guide is for what comes next,” Indivisible notes, contrasting the new roadmap with its viral 2016 Trump resistance guide.

The GOP may be a hopeless cause…..they have sided with sex deviates and have lambasted a military man in defense of a cowardly president……their redemption will be harder for these spineless slugs…

Democracy is a fascinating topic and I will re-visit it in the near future….

Turn The Page ….but Stay Tuned!


10 thoughts on “Is More Democracy Better?

  1. I never thought I would write this, or say it, but I am very close to not bothering to ever vote again. I have never had much faith in ‘Democracy’, but what little I did have has been removed by the Brexit Referendum debacle. Because they didn’t like the result, the powers that be did their best to overturn it. Then when that failed, they came back with a so-called deal that leaves us in a worse position than we were before. Now they are talking about the possibility of a second vote, on an issue that was already decided by a majority.

    And as for national elections, after the shock of almost losing the last one, The Conservatives are now in the process of changing electoral boundaries, to ensure more seats in their favour next time.
    Short of taking to the streets with weapons and flaming torches, the ordinary voter in this country is now powerless; overlooked, disregarded, and reviled by those who hold the purse strings. I have finally decided that future voting will be pointless, as the results are either already decided, or changed afterwards, to suit other agendas.

    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. I was taught growing up that democracies always eventually failed because the people would sooner or later vote themselves so many benefits and tax breaks that it would bankrupt the country. Rome was pointed out as an example. I don’t know whether that is true or not but we seem to be headed to bankruptcy.

    As for voting I don’t see that anything had changed. Each individual omly has one vote which is pretty useless. I keep voting because I think one day I will vote for something that only passes by one vote. Has not happened yet. But they do count the votes and look at the numbers. One more vote makes my sides number bigger.

    1. These tax cuts and GOP policies is what is bankrupting the country….but they want us to believe that benefits are doing it….BS is spread thick….chuq

      1. Never does and the neocons blame entitlements for the deficits….Pentagon gets unlimited funds….so where should the blame be assigned? chuq

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