“Making America Great Again”–Part 21

The United States has come out of the Industrialization phase and into the period of expanding their influence on the world stage….even to the point of imperialism….think…Guam, Philippines, Cuba, Puerto Rico and Hawaii……not sure what I am speaking of?

This series is an excellent look at American history written by Maj. Danny Sjursen……plus if you have not been reading this series from the beginning…..I give you a reference to the series……

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Part 21 of “American History for Truthdiggers.”

Empire. It is a word that most Americans loathe. After all, the United States was born through its rebellion against the great (British) empire of the day. American politicians, policymakers and the public alike have long preferred to imagine the U.S. as, rather, a beacon of freedom in the world, bringing light to those in the darkness of despotism. Europeans, not Americans, it is thought, had empires. Some version of this myth has pervaded the republic from its earliest colonial origins, and nothing could be further from the truth.

According to the old historical narrative, the U.S. has always been a democratic republic and only briefly dabbled (from 1898 to 1904) with outright imperialism. And, indeed, even in that era—in which the U.S. seized Puerto Rico, Guam, Hawaii and the Philippines—the U.S. saw itself as “liberating” the locals from Spanish despotism. This wasn’t real imperialism but rather, to use a term from the day, “benevolent assimilation.” Oh, what a gloriously American euphemism!


I regret that this is the last part of the series written by Maj. Sjursen….not to worry I will post the newest ones as they become available…..I am glad that it has gotten the attention it has….

If you like this series and would like to read more such history then I recommend “The People’s History Of The United States” by Howard Zinn….

Thanx for reading and I hope you have a great Thanksgiving holiday….chuq

9 thoughts on ““Making America Great Again”–Part 21

  1. Those ‘forgotten wars’ need to get more publicity. The similarities with some of the incidents during the Vietnam War and the Iraq conflict are uncomfortable indeed.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. It would probably be more effective expanding our influence with the words of Jefferson than with 800 overseas military installations from mere listening posts to huge air bases and sea port complexes.

  3. Championing a massive and intense women’s rights global initiative, for example, would completely overturn all political and social structures in the Muslim world for the enhancement of human rights world wide and disrupt Muslim fascist imperialism.

    1. A secular society never had a problem with women…it is the barbarity of the monarchs that embrace an extreme fundamentalism that gets overturned……and there were secular societies but we put an end to most of them….chuq

  4. US troops cpommitted atrocioties in the Philippines in the early years of occupation. The arrival of Taft as Governor-General marked an improvement in Filipino-American relations as he and his wife actually treated locals as people, not “little ignorant pagan brown people worthy of saving for Christianity and the American way”. Doris Kearns Goodwins’ book, THE BULLY PULPIT: THEODORE ROOSEVELT, WILLIAM HOWARD TAFT, AND THE GOLDEN AGE OF JOURNALISM is an informative and well-documentedf look at the brief interlude of imperialistism in the USA’s past. Well, perhaps the business later in Central America and…. Oh well, it’s still interesting to read about Taft and his positive influence in the Philippines during his 13 years as Governor- General of the Philippines.

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