Closing Thought–21Nov18

OMG!  What will happen to us?

Just weeks ago Our Dear Supreme Leader sent US troops to the border to protect the country from a “caravan” of dangerous human beings that were on their way to the US Southern border.

Of course there was blow back but it mattered not…the troops were sent and they prepared for the onslaught of dangerous 4 year olds and bare foot women……

Has the situation become less of a problem?

Why do I ask?

Lt. Gen. Jeffrey Buchanan, the commander of the US military operation at the southern border, has announced that the Pentagon is planning to begin the drawdown from the border very soon, potentially sometime later this week.

This is happening even though the migrant convoy that was meant to have precipitated this whole scramble to the border still hasn’t arrived. This adds to he belief that the whole deployment was little more than a pre-election political stunt.

It appears to whole thing might be over before the caravan really gets here in earnest, with Buchanan saying that the end date for the operation was already set for December 15, and he’s seen no indication of it continuing past that.

The operation was controversial from the start, with officials not clear what they would do, or indeed what they could legally do to the migrants. Suggestions that the troops might shoot at migrants were quickly brushed off,and while President Trump praised them for their “beautiful” barbed wire, the reality is that the deployment really did very little but make an appearance


After I wrote this draft the Pentagon has backed off this report somewhat…….so I feel I must be fair to all concerned about this situation…….

With some 5,800 US troops having made their show of deploying to the Mexican border, and seemingly having little else to do, on Monday Lt. Gen. Jeffrey Buchanan reported that he was expecting to start drawing down troop levels as soon as this week. He added that the operation was only scheduled to last until December 15.

By Tuesday, however, the Pentagon was furiously backpedaling away from that, insisting that there is no actual timeline for ending the US deployment, nor indeed any plans for a drawdown, despite what the general in charge of the operation said the day before.

Officials did, however, confirm that what Lt. Gen. Buchanan said the day before about transferring some of the troops to California might still happen. The White House may have come up with something for them to do as well.


Not to worry there will be another generated “crisis” by next election.

Time for me to go and prepare stuff for our meal tomorrow…..hope everyone has a great day…..and a better tomorrow.  chuq

8 thoughts on “Closing Thought–21Nov18

  1. The mainstream media is owned by big corporations who crave cheap labor. Many of these people are crony capitalists. So they use the news assets they own to get the people they want elected. Therefore, if you don’t check multiple sources, all you learn is half the truth at best.

    There is really nothing surprising about this. Few mothers are going to drag their children on foot through Mexico to the USA. Any young woman who would join that bunch is a lunatic. Few guys that have a job where they grew up are just going to start walking north, and they are certainly not want take their family or leave them behind. So who does that suggest would try a stunt like that?

    If you have half a brain and you want to get into the USA, there are easier ways of getting into this country than becoming part of inane political stunt.

    1. The word ‘criminal’ is an interesting one…..being convicted of jay walking which is a crime would label one as such……I will agree…an insane political stunt. Have a good Thanksgiving…….chuq

  2. The US Army (in my experience) makes a point of making sure all troops get a proper Thanksgiving meal, with all the fixings. This applies to troops in war zones or troops fighting women and children crossing the US-Mexican border. I hope this holds true for the border troops anyway. If not, they should stage a palace coup and hang someone and his immigrant wife by their heels from the White House Truman balcony. Well, maybe just write their useless puppydog Congressman or -woman and their lapdog Senators. We haven’t descended into anarchy just yet.

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