Is Pence On The Chopping Block?

The same block that Sessions was sacrificed on… there a spot for Pence on the trash heap of rotting corpses of Trump acolytes?

Why do I ask?

Well next year, 2019, there will be a push for the 2020 elections…..personally I feel that if Trump’s numbers show he cannot win he will bow out for he would not want to bruise his ego by losing to a Democrat.

But let’s say he decides to run in 2020 will he keep Pence as VP?  The NYTimes calls his loyalty into question…..

President Trump’s post-midterm election news conference at the White House last week took a surprising turn when a reporter asked about locking down his 2020 ticket.

“Mike, will you be my running mate?” Mr. Trump asked Vice President Pence, who stood up, raised his hand, and nodded.

“Will you? Thank you. O.K., good,” the president said. “That was unexpected, but I feel very fine.”

If you have been watching the news of the country especially since we elected Trump then you will remember all the graveling his cabinet did especially the VP, Pence……

Mike Pence groveling before Donald Trump is painful to watch.

There is that…..and again let’s say he decides to run but not with Pence on the ticket….who could be next in line to massage the ego of Trump?

Here’s a thought….how about Nikki Haley?

Nikki Haley is on her way out at the United Nations, but she may not be gone from national politics for long.

The former S.C. governor and current U.S. ambassador to the United Nations has been mentioned as a potential running mate for Republican President Donald Trump in the 2020 election, according to sources who spoke with the New York Times.

Haley would replace Vice President Mike Pence on the ticket, sources say, a move that could improve the ticket’s popularity among women voters.

That would be a huge surprise. While Haley is almost certainly not done with politics, she is widely thought to be angling for a high-paying job in the private sector.

Personally, if he decides to run in 2020 then I think Haley is a good choice and dump that theocrat in waiting Pence…..
Just something to think about for the coming election….it will be the BIG ONE…LOL

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