As always I remind my readers….17 years and counting….a war that will not end.

I also try to keep an eye on this conflict because the MSM has decided that it is not important enough to report on…..that is until they can get some ratings from the report…..they follow one simple rule…”If it bleeds then it leads”…..

On with the news…..

There is a debate….can we win this or is it impossible to win….I have found two different reports from the two sides…..

On the winning side……

Washington’s special envoy to Afghanistan, Zalmay Khalilzad, met with the Taliban for the second time in Qatar to broker peace. Mr. Khalilzad’s trip to Qatar is part of his second regional tour from November 8–20 to garner regional support for peace in Afghanistan. His latest endeavor epitomizes Washington’s consistently inadequate policies on Afghanistan.

As Washington seeks to stabilize the situation in Afghanistan, it has sought various avenues to change the course of the war. Despite exhausting a variety of resources and billions of dollars, Washington’s policies have yet to address the root cause of the war: Pakistan’s pivotal role in the Taliban’s insurgency. Instead, Washington has acknowledged Pakistan’s role in the conflict but has wishfully urged Pakistan to change its pro-Taliban policy.

Now for the losing side……

More than a year after President Trump announced his Afghanistan policy, the Taliban is closer to victory than we are. The Taliban contests or controls 61% of Afghan districts. More than 2,200 Americans have been killed in the long conflict. The United States has spent more than $840 billion. This month the Taliban has claimed credit for a major attack at a high level meeting in Kandahar that killed General Raziq, arguably the most powerful man in Southern Afghanistan.

On Nov. 15, Foundation for Defense of Democracies hosted a panel consisting of Jessica Donati, reporter at The Wall Street Journal, and Thomas Joscelyn and Bill Roggio, FDD senior fellows and editors of FDD’s Long War Journal, to discuss Afghanistan. The panel was moderated by FDD founder and president Clifford D. May. You can watch the video below:

The reports say that the capital of Kabul is the only place the government of Afghanistan is in charge….

A major suicide bombing targeted a religious gathering in Kabul on Tuesday. The gathering was celebrating the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad. The government confirmed 50 dead, though the NGO running the hospital nearby said over 60 were killed, and 70 more wounded.

Religious scholars and clerics were gathered by the hundreds at Uranus Wedding Hall for the event, and were reciting passages from the Quran when the bomber arrived and detonated explosives in the crowd of people.

The attack caused chaos and overwhelmed emergency services. Some 30 ambulances had to be sent to collect the critically wounded. The Afghan government has announced a day of mourning on Wednesday over the deaths.


So much for being in charge, huh?

All the Afghan news that one cannot use……


4 thoughts on “Afghanistan–Update

  1. Old Johnson had the idea that he could win the Vietnam War too, didn’t he? Look where that one got us! We are not going to win the war in Afghanistan! Our wars are not designed to be “Won.”

  2. That Kabul bombing was designed to show that nobody is in charge over there. As long as people are willing to deliberately kill themselves in the process of killing others, then that is an enemy that will never be defeated.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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