Birthright: An American Idea

Yep we are having one of those political moments that comes around ever so often….we had it when Muslims were coming get us all…then there was that Mexico was gonna pay for a wall…..and now it is the 14th amendment…..all were used for political gain and not one was heard of again….that is they were filed away until needed again.

I read a pretty good piece in the American Conservative that until the era of Trump was considered a pretty mainstream conservative publication… my how things change….but I digress…..TAC offers their conservative opinion on the issue of birthright citizenship……

The 14th Amendment became part of the U.S. Constitution 150 years ago in July of 1868. Among other things, it enshrined our traditional common law practice of granting citizenship to those born in the United States who are subject to its laws—specifically it guaranteed that the recently freed slaves and their descendants would be citizens. The 14th Amendment also applied to the children of immigrants, as its authors and opponents understood at the time.

President Trump’s immigration position paper, however, famously endorsed an end to birthright citizenship. Michael Anton, a former national security official in the Trump administration as well as a lecturer and researcher at Hillsdale College, pushed such a move recently in the Washington Post. Anton argued that President Trump should use his pen and his phone to exclude the children born here to noncitizens, with little thought of what would happen were such a policy enacted.

I have said the the challenge to the 14th could open up more challenges to some amendments like the 2nd and the 1st…maybe others…and those are not debates we want to have….so all this is probably just posturing for a vote.

9 thoughts on “Birthright: An American Idea

  1. In the Wong case the parents were permanent residents domiciled on the United States. In their ruling the court stated that fact as part of the basis for their ruling. That case dies not apply to cases in which the parents are not permanent residents. That is an important fact that the article omitted. In doing so they misrepresented the ruling of the case.

    A couple from France visiting New York for a weekend to take in a Broadway show. The female unexpectedly gives birth to a three month pre mature baby.. Upon recovery they retire to France and their home. I see no argument under the Wong case that the baby should be considered a citizen of the US.

    1. I have dual citizenship that I never use…..I believe you pick pone and live with your choice…this also should apply to Jews and the dual citizenship with Israel…..once they serve in the IDF they have made their choice and should be sent packing. chuq

      1. In 1967 a friend of mine wanted to go to Israel and join their army. He did not have duel citizenship. The officials he contacted said he could do that but he would lose his YS citizenship and would not be able to return to the US. He decided to stay in the US. His commitment to Israel was not as strong as his desire to stay here.

        When I was in college one of my classmates who had lived all his life in the US received a draft notice from France. I fon’t rdmember whether he was born in France or not but his parents were French citizens. And according to the French army so was he. It was a surprise to him. He did not join their army. Neither did he ever visit France. That would have meant arrest for draft evasion.

  2. I worked with a policeman in London who had the dual nationality of Turkish and British. He received a call-up to serve in the Turkish Army. If he didn’t go, it was unlikely that he or his (Turkish-born) parents would ever be able to return to Turkey. So he went there and served a stint in their army. The Met Police kept his job open until he came back to England. We have tens of thousands of British nationals with the dual nationality of Irish. Most keep it on so they can go to Ireland to live one day.
    (Out of interest, what is your second nationality, chuq? Don’t answer if you would sooner keep it private.)
    Best wishes, Pete.

  3. Opposition came early too –
    The Philadelphia Nativist Riots (also known as the Philadelphia Prayer Riots, the Bible Riots and the Native American Riots) were a series of riots that took place between May 6 and 8 and July 6 and 7, 1844, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States and the adjacent districts of Kensington and Southwark. The riots were a result of rising anti-Catholic sentiment at the growing population of Irish Catholic immigrants. The government brought in over a thousand milita—they confronted the nativist mobs and killed and wounded hundreds.

  4. Benjamin Franklin was against letting Germans immigrate. He said they would never be assimilated into the existing English culture.

    1. The same was said about Italians, Irish, on and on…..America assimilates great that is why we have very few of the problems that the UK and others are having these days….chuq

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