Closing Thought–29Oct18

It seems that there is always a movie or show or book or documentary or……about the Holocaust.  Before I get some well meaning d/bag….the Holocaust happened and the world should not forget it and should make sure that something like that NEVER happens again.

Really?  Never again?

The problem is that it is happening again and the country committing the crimes is the every country that does not want the world to forget what happened to them.

Israel has policies against the Palestinian people similar to those that they ran away from in Europe.

But beyond their policies “back home”….they are supporting a country that is doing all they can to eliminate a ethnic group from their country….the country is Myanmar (Burma) and its deadly policies directed to the Muslim minority, the Rohingyas…..

Israel does not owe its existence to the genocide of the Jews during the Second World War but, without a doubt, the Holocaust played a significant role in speeding up the creation of the Zionist State. If nothing else, that happened in order to salve the world’s conscience for, whether we like to admit it or not, the rest of the world had a rough idea of what Adolf Hitler had planned for the Jews of Europe when he rose to power in 1933. Admittedly, few imagined that he would actually exterminate six million people, although the fact that European Jews were fleeing from their homes throughout that decade was an indicator of their very real and justified fears.

The Central British Fund for German Jewry was established in the 1930s to try and help those Jews living in Germany and Austria. It was through the Fund’s network that around 10,000 Jewish children arrived safely in Britain via the Kindertransport programme and were saved from the Nazis, unlike the parents they left behind, most of whom did not survive the Holocaust.

I have said on numerous occasions that Israel is acting no better than the pigs that persecuted them in the 1930’s and 40’s.

Plus the West, US and its allies, are acting as enablers of the deadly policies of Israel……timed for that to end.  Israel needs to stand on its own….if it cannot then it is NO problem of the US or its Allies.

After word… of the victims in the Pittsburgh shooting was a 90+ year old woman who was a Holocaust survivor……that is just not right.

Plus stop saying “thoughts and prayers”…that is disingenuous and insulting!

Peace Out!

4 thoughts on “Closing Thought–29Oct18

  1. Over here, if you accuse the Israelis of using the same tactics as the Nazis, you are said to be ‘anti-Semitic’.
    Well, f***k that, I accuse them!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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