Closing Thought–10Oct18

Today let’s talk about Americans in detention internationally.

When Our Dear Leader came to power he made it a point to lambast the countries that held US citizens….Iran, North Korea and most recently Turkey and some preacher being held.

But an American citizen is being held by a so-called ally and yet the US and most notably our leader just shrugs his shoulders and could care less….

Lara Alqasem, who had already been given a student visa and was accepted by Hebrew University, was detained upon arriving at Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport last Tuesday. She was ordered deported for her alleged past membership in a student organization that advocates the boycott of Israel.

“Denying entry to foreign students based on political beliefs or ethnic heritage is an attack on academic freedom,” 58 mostly American professors and academics wrote in their petition, expressing dismay at the decision to deport Alqasem and calling on Israeli authorities to reverse their decision.

Strategic Affairs Minister Gilad Erdan suggested that Alqasem could be released, and that he might even “consider” allowing her to visit Israel, if by Wednesday morning she publicly renouncing BDS in general as illegitimate and apologizes for “what she did.”

What she did?  It is not like she shot some Israeli walking on the street…..she chose to protest in a non-violent way…..something Israel CANNOT say in their dealings with Palestinians.

I would expect nothing less from this administration…..they care NOTHING about human rights or the rights of their citizens unless there is a political again from said care.

God forbid that anyone criticize Israel for they are the “Chosen people”……and to that I say BULLSHIT!

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