17 Years Of War

After 17 years of a long war is there any good fortune about this war of wars?  Every couple of months or so we get a report bout a news strategy for this war.  And every year it plugs along sucking taxpayer money as it goes and nothing changes.

And guess what?  We have a new strategy…..very well labelled….a new approach for Afghanistan…..

The stalemated conflict in Afghanistan is becoming a forever war because it is a “for profit’ enterprise for powerful interests on both Afghan sides of the war. Many senior leaders of the Afghan government, as well as the Taliban, are profiting daily from the conflict – why would they want to participate in a peace process that would kill their cash cow? This does not mean that the US government should withdraw from the war – which is as worth fighting today as it was in 2001. We cannot allow Afghanistan to again become a sanctuary for international jihadists. The Taliban is not an existential threat to America and the West, but groups such as Al Qaeda and ISIS are. It is in America’s interest for both the Afghan government and the Taliban to resist international jihadist infiltration. That means that American economic strategy needs to be radically changed if we expect to get both sides to the peace table for serious negotiations.

To approach a solution, we must first understand the problem. Regarding the Afghan government, we need to realize that every dollar provided by the United States to pay Afghan government officials, soldiers, police, and subcontractors has a portion siphoned off at every level from the ministries in Kabul down to the battalion or district level. This type of corruption is ingrained in the cultures of the region, and no amount of lecturing on the part of American officials is going to eliminate the institutional tradition of backsheesh. Our unfiltered largesse is part of the problem, not part of the solution.


Is there a reality of the war on the ground?

It is time to admit what is self-evident: the strategic foundation of NATO’s campaign in Afghanistan is so fundamentally flawed that it cannot be won. America’s longest war, which endures as a deeply troubled nation-building venture, continues to apply a fatally flawed theory of military victory to a maelstrom of Afghan political, social, and economic problems that Western intervention cannot solve. While war advocates speak of endless “fragile progress,” the truth is that the costly effort is not worth the thousands of lives lost or trillions of dollars spent in pursuit of a failed strategy.


The reality of the thing is that after n17 years all this war has done is siphon off tax dollars for no return on investment.

We expect 17-year-olds to have learned a great deal starting from infancy, and yet full-grown adults have proven incapable of knowing anything about Afghanistan during the course of 17 years of U.S.-NATO war. Despite war famously being the means of Americans learning geography, few can even identify Afghanistan on a map. What else have we failed to learn?


Seriously…..time to declare the war a success and bring the troops home for a much deserved rest.

If you would like to see the DoD propaganda machine at work then read this op-ed……

“Why are we here?” is a basic question that coalition troops in Afghanistan have to answer.

The simple question evinces a lot of different answers, said Army Gen. Austin S. Miller, the new commander of NATO’s Resolute Support mission in Afghanistan.


A masterful piece of bovine fecal matter (bullshit to the less sophisticated)……

17 years of utter futility…..time to come home……

Seventeen years after the start of the war in Afghanistan, it is well past time to re-evaluate our strategic and military interests in the region. The evidence that our war in Afghanistan is failing and cannot be won is dramatic and overwhelming.  After serving two tours in Afghanistan, I can confidently state that on this, the 17th anniversary, it is time terminate the war on the best terms available. Anything less will deepen our loss and further weaken our national security.


But what does America think of this war?


6 thoughts on “17 Years Of War

  1. It is sobering to think that teenage children have grown up thinking this war is ‘normal’, and not bothering to learn much about it. Even worse for their counterparts in Afghanistan itself, whose young lives have known nothing but war, death, and terror.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Afghanistan has a population of more than thirty million people. Their birth rate to replace soldiers is greater than the number we are killing off a year. The present policy is a losing game.

    I thought Trump campaigned on ending our involvement in Afghanistan and the Middle East, and on bringing our troops home from most other parts of the world, including Europe and Japan. That was opposed to Hillary’s position to continue the status quo of continuing the war im Afghanistan, increasingly our troops and involvement in Syria and the Middle East and increasing our tension with Russia.

    I believed that Hillary and the democrats, and the other candidates in the republican primaries were all war hawks, and if any of them including Hillary had been elected we would probably been in a war within a year. Enough of my countrymen held that view to elect Trump. In spite of the fact that they knew he was an unscrupulous, narcissistic and dishonest in his business dealings. Much like Bill Clinton who they knew bore those those same traits but was elected twice in spite of that.

    Trump has attempted to put pressure on Europe to defend itself. The same with Asia and the Middle East. I have been advocating those positions for thirty or forty years. The elites will not let that happen. The press criticized his every attempt to move in that direction. Blasting him when he insisted Europe pay and do more. Refusing to let him remove troops from South Korea and Asia. Residing his attempt to get our of Syria’s internal affairs.
    Ridiculing his attempts to reduce tensions with Russia. Calling his attempts to improve our trade deficits delusional.

    Time now for some coffee

    1. It will never happen…the M-IC will not allow it…you see they own DC and the system…..taking it to the streets and a mass movement will be the only saving grace….until then Americans will continue to die for the profits of some….chuq

      1. Since Citizens United there has been so much money from the far right thrown into politics, dark money that is almost impossible to trace, more and more control has gone to the top 0.1 per cent that they are now running things to an extent we have never seen.

      2. This is why that I am in favor of federal funded elections…..all primaries held on the same day and the general election should be a holiday …..small steps that would make it more fair process. chuq

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