Saturday, 18Aug18

I have finally read about a program that I feel could help returning troops and veterans adjust to civilian life.

In my case when I returned from Vietnam there was a 24 hour lag between rice paddy and downtown San Francisco….definitely not enough time to leave the war behind……

I wish there had been a program that helped me handle my return….and today there are those that attempt to help……a new program…..

A partnership between a crowdsourced archaeology organization and a veterans recovery program has opened up new possibilities for American military veterans in a field that may once have seemed like a stretch: archaeology.

DigVentures, a company based in the United Kingdom, aims to change the way archaeology is done by expanding it beyond academic research settings. They crowdfund financial support, crowdsource site locations, and use real-time digitization technology to create collaborative digs that are accessible to experts and enthusiastic novices alike.

What better way to help the adjustment than giving the veterans something to do and think other than his/her war experiences….plus assisting the world to learn more about history.

I am looking forward to my day…will be a little cooler this early morn so I will take advantage and spend some time in the garden until the heat makes it uncomfortable.

Hoping all my visitors have a great Saturday…..chuq


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