Afghanistan In The News

Yes Irene there is still a war raging in the central Asian country of Afghanistan….you remember that right?

Of course you do not remember because you are scrambling around trying to see what Omarosa has to say or what BS can be made out of a trial….you prefer speculation and entertainment to reality and fact.

So I will help….whether you appreciate it or not…..

The Taleban is having successes and against the best equipped army in the world…..just miles from the capital of Kabul a battle is raging in Ghazni….

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani held an emergency meeting on Sunday night to discuss the Ghazni crisis, and ended with a decision to deploy a number of reinforcements to the city, which is being overrun by Taliban fighters.

The Taliban began attacking the city Friday, and has killed over 100 security forces since. Reports as of Sunday had them in control of the bulk of the city, and surrounding districts on the outskirts.

The reinforcements are leading to conflicting reports, with the Interior Minister claiming the Taliban are pushing back to just small pockets of resistance. The Taliban, by contrast, says they remain in control of most of the city.


US military statements, unsurprisingly, continued to downplay what they called an “inconsequential fight” on Friday, saying they view the Taliban in the area as “isolated and desperate,” and insist that control of the city remains with the government.

More territory is being lost……

As the fight between the Afghan government and the Taliban for control of Ghazni City continues, three additional districts have been overrun by the Taliban. It has also come to light that Resolute Support – NATO’s command in Afghanistan – has intentionally misled the public about the status of seven of Ghazni’s districts.

Resolute Support claimed these seven districts were under government control. In reality, the Taliban physically controlled the terrain while the Afghan government operated them remotely from Ghazni City.

More success for the Taleban…….

Provincial officials in the Faryab Province announced on Monday that after a 48 hour siege, the Afghan Army base in Ghormach District has been surrendered outright to the Taliban. Over 40 surviving forces were taken prisoner in the surrender.

The Faryab base is relatively remote, and security forces were warning Sunday that they were running out of ammunition and badly in need of reinforcements. The reinforcements never came, and they apparently had no choice but to give up.

Yet this is just the latest in a series of Afghan military bases overrun by the Taliban, and with that comes not only prisoners, but seized weapons as well. It’s not clear how many weapons were stored at this base, though since defenders were complaining about lack of ammunition, they may not be immediately useful for Taliban in the area.


Yes Irene we Americans are still fighting and dying in Afghanistan.

Now demand to know why?

A little and short history of Afghanistan…..

Update:  After writing this draft more news has come out about the situation in Afghanistan…….

For the second time this week, Taliban insurgents attacked and overran an Afghan Army base in the country’s north, this time in Baghlan Province. The offensive lasted about five hours, and left the Taliban in control of the military base and a nearby police checkpoint.

Starting before dawn, Taliban fighters quickly overwhelmed the police checkpoint, killing nine police, then moved on to the army base. They got to the base in Baghlan-e Markazi District and took that as well, killing another 36 troops.

Baghlan Governor Abdul Hai Nemati says that reinforcements have been sent to try to recapture the area. Checkpoints in the area were reportedly set on fire by the Taliban, however, so not everything can be recovered.



12 thoughts on “Afghanistan In The News

  1. Good to see the involvement of Pakistan mentioned in the clip. Without the help and physical support of Pakistan, the Taliban could never have continued this prolonged war. Maybe it’s high time to call on Pakistan to stop this, and to go after the real culprit? The issues between India and Pakistan seem to be being played out in Afghanistan, with the help of western military forces. It’s a mess.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. The new PM of Pakistan seems to dislike the US and has said he would handle the situation…I think US dollars will change his mind….chuq

  2. I can hardly remember the seventies. I din’t know that things were better than. Oil embargo’s, stagflation. Nixon was forced to resign.

    I have to think things are better now. That is probably more just my nature than anything real. I always think things are better now and don’t dwell on the old days as being all that good.

    1. “Nixon was forced to resign”

      ..for shit that looks trivial compared to what we see done openly today without any consequence….’Nuff said in the comparison department. (Do NOT start that debate! You will lose and it will be very ugly. Besides, what the hell kind of “Old Guy” thinks things a better now anyway???)

      So…The 70’s win in an stagflation landslide!

      Hell, even Stagflation was better than what we have today. Functionally, it meant The Poors had “too much money”, so prices adjusted to fix that. Not only that, the term itself was a super-cool term. It sounded like a house party that strippers showed up to and everybody present took days to recover from.

      1. Time for you to take your meds now. Calm down. Easy boy.

        Then get your head out of the sand, look around and get real.

      2. Sure, I maybe I need permanent sedation but…..My head is “in the sand” and I need to “look around and get real”? What the fuck are you talking about??? You need to be FAR more specific with that kind of comment…because “them’s fighting words”, as they say.

        You yourself just said you don’t remember the 70’s and that your opinion probably wasn’t based in anything real. Perhaps you’re over medicated and out of touch with reality.

      3. Who? Me, or “Old Guy”?

        Sure, I talk to myself a lot…but rarely do I that on-line…Big Brothers like Google are always watching, just looking to pounce on any weak spot.

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