Go The Way Of The Do-Do

Jump aboard the “Way Back Machine”….the days of the Cold War…..there was the US and allies, the Soviet Union and allies and the Third World…..after WW2 the allies set up NATO to confront the Soviet Union and its allies of the Warsaw Pact…..by now the NATO has been in the news long enough for most Americans to know what it is and what it is suppose to accomplish…..but what about the Warsaw Pact…….and of course I will assist you in your hunt for the answer…..

The Warsaw Pact is the name commonly given to the treaty between Albania, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania, and the Soviet Union, which was signed in Poland in 1955 and was officially called ‘The Treaty of Friendship, Co-operation and Mutual Assistance’. Although this rather cute title sounds more like the agreement which you and your friend have about sending cards to each other on Valentine’s Day, it was actually a military treaty, which bound its signatories to come to the aid of the others, should any one of them be the victim of foreign aggression.

Nominally the Warsaw Pact was a response to a similar treaty made by the Western Allies in 1949 (the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, or NATO) as well as the re-militarization of West Germany in 1954, both of which posed a potential threat to the Eastern countries. Although it was stressed by all that the Warsaw Treaty was based on total equality of each nation and mutual non-interference in one another’s internal affairs, the Pact quickly became a powerful political tool for the Soviet Union to hold sway over its allies and harness the powers of their combined military.

For those that cannot read or are too lazy…..

Well now with that outta the way……still in the “Way Back Machine” we visit the 1990’s and the collapse of the Soviet Union and the collapse of the Warsaw Pact as the countries within the pact start declaring their independence for their Soviet overlords……

Now recently Our Dear Leader met with our allies within NATO and cake away after insulting and bullying the member nations…..

There are some of us that see what Trump did as a good thing…that is if he holds to the line he has started Tweeting about…..is it possible that NATO could go the way of the Warsaw Pact?

The outcome of the July 11-12 NATO meeting in Brussels got lost amid the media’s obsession with President Donald Trump’s bombast, but the “Summit Declaration” makes for sober reading. The media reported that the 28-page document “upgraded military readiness,” and was “harshly critical of Russia,” but there wasn’t much detail beyond that.

But details matter, because that’s where the devil hides.

One such detail is NATO’s “Readiness Initiative” that will beef up naval, air, and ground forces in “the eastern portion of the Alliance.” NATO is moving to base troops in Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, and Poland. Since Georgia and Ukraine have been invited to join the Alliance, some of those forces could end up deployed on Moscow’s western and southern borders.


At one point I agree that it is time for NATO to go the way of the Do-Do…..because as more and more nations join NATO the chances of the US having to fight in numerous wars over the numerous ones we are fighting today expands further and further…..

There was a time when this organization made sense…I do not see it does these days.


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2 thoughts on “Go The Way Of The Do-Do

  1. NATO needs to be scrapped. If they let in Georgia and Ukraine, some sort of ground war with Russia would be the only outcome. And I can’t see Georgia or Ukraine rushing to help other NATO members if they got in any trouble. They only want in to be able to taunt Russia with their membership. History should tell us not to bluff Russia.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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