Closing Thought–09Aug18

Ever heard of “Bock’s Car”?

Nope not some fanciful car from the past.

Would you know what I mean if I said….”Enola Gay”?

Almost all Americans know the name of the plane that dropped the first A-Bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima.

“Bock’s Car” is the name of the plane that dropped the second and final A-Bomb on Nagasaki that ended World War Two.

Today is the anniversary of the 2nd bomb dropped on Japan that devastated the town of Nagasaki just days after the bomb on Hiroshima.

By August 1945, U.S. Navy submarines and aerial mining by the Army Air Forces severely restricted Japanese shipping. The AAF controlled the skies over Japan and the AAF’s B-29 bombing attacks crippled its war industry. A plan for the invasion of Japan had been drawn up; Operation Olympic was scheduled for November 1945. Estimates of Allied casualties ranged from 250,000 to a million with much greater losses to the Japanese. To repel invaders, Japan had a veteran army of some two million ready, an army that had already shown its ferocity and fanaticism in combat. Some 8,000 military aircraft were available that could be used for devastating Kamikaze (suicide) attacks on U.S. ships. The draft had been extended to include men from age 15 to 60 and women from 17 to 45, adding millions of civilians ready to defend their homeland to the death, with sharpened sticks if necessary.

But why a second bomb?  Was the devastation of Hiroshima not enough?

Everyone knows that Nagasaki came three days after Hiroshima — but Nagasaki doesn’t get talked about nearly as much. The reason Nagasaki gets “overlooked” is pretty obvious: being the second atomic bombing attack is a lot less momentous than the first, even if the total number of such attacks has so far been two.

Just a little history to close my posting day.

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8 thoughts on “Closing Thought–09Aug18

  1. I agree that the second bomb is overlooked. Perhaps because it was unnecessary, and the history of using it is uncomfortable. I have a hard view of Japan before 1945. After the appalling Japanese atrocities carried out through China, Korea, Indo-China, and all the theatres of the Pacific War, I would have used it. I would have probably even used even more, if they had been available.
    I know that opinion is unpopular with liberal thinkers, but I feel the need to express my honest thoughts on the subject.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. I can see where more could have been used by some….the inhumanity of the Japanese military was something barbaric but then I also think that nukes were also…..chuq

  2. Alway took position that 2 A bombs not necessary. Japan had no air defense entire 1945 and US bombed with impunity. I don’t think an invasion would have been necessary. On the other hand occupation made Japan receptive to what it became today. Just review list and casualties 1945 bombing missions – google

    1. I agree with you for the reasons in the post and comments……the fire bombs were just as devastating and covered a wider area…..chuq

  3. Miami Dade County has some aviation history as Mrs Enola Gay lived in Opa Locka, a municipality in the country and there exists a small airport in NW part of county, Amelia Earhart.

      1. Oh almost forgot the now extinct Eastern Airlines for whom my dad worked landing gear mechanic 32 years. Eddie Rickenbacker used to come by the shop and chat with the boys all the time.

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