Closing Thought–25Jun18

The past week the screaming and yelling on the news and in most so-called conserv blogs has been about the border situation….if I need to catch you up then try Google I will not waste my time…..but the news that the corporate Americans would be watching have very little to do with the border…..

Following tariffs recently imposed on steel and aluminum, U.S. businesses have been forced to pay more than $110 million in tariffs in just 13 days according to the Customs and Border Patrol. The U.S. took in $82.2 million in steel tariffs and $28.3 million in aluminum tariffs between June 1-14.

The unintended consequences of tariffs are vast, and have a harmful ripple effect throughout our economy. In just two weeks, U.S. businesses could have spent $110 million in a much different way. Consider the following:

$110 million is enough to hire 2,000 out of work Americans at $55k salaries for an entire year.

$110 million is enough to purchase 4,000 brand new, American made, Jeep Wranglers using the MSRP of $27,495.

Apparently “Freedom Partners” is not here to cover the horrible policies to this man we call “president”….

I realize that economics is not something most conservs can get a grip on…but all the yelling about the border has done nothing to strengthen our economy and neither has the policies of the dude in the White House.  (Please do not taunt the stock market as proof….there is more to an economy than the markets….if you need a quick refresher course on economics…..

Time for a change…..period!


8 thoughts on “Closing Thought–25Jun18

  1. Looks like Harley Davidson is set to die a death in Europe. Retail prices now exceed the wallets of all but the very rich. And that will be down to tariffs imposed in retaliation. The second-hand market for those motor-bikes has also greatly increased in price too, for the obvious reasons.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. All bikes have gone through the roof as price goes….few Americans can afford either….but there is credit and it will bite them all….chuq

    2. It’s all greed and has little to do with tariffs. People who want to buy motorcycles should put themselves into a position where they can afford to buy a motorcycle. They certainly don’t seem to have any difficulty getting new cars and trucks, now do they?

  2. It’s about restoring a more favorable balance of trade and about forcing countries to support anti Iran and anti N Korea effort. Tariffs are diplomatic weapon. Tariffs are a mere temporary tool and adjustments will be made. Jefferson had his Embargo. The bigger picture is not merely trade but expression of power and engagement to bring about change. Sometimes we have to absorb a hit until balance or desired effect takes place. The NE commerce interests were enraged about War 1812, “Jimmy Madison”s War” but American policy in foreign affairs overrode their pocketbooks.

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