The Moral High Ground Is Gone

For many years the US has been the champion of human rights…we have tried to help when there has been a refugee crisis…that is until about 25 years ago when we started pulling away from any responsibility for we were helping create the problem.

Misery has become a weapon of war these days……

From Syria to Yemen, from South Sudan to Venezuela, war and political crisis are causing human anguish on a scale unseen in a generation.

That conflict and crisis take a high human toll is hardly new, of course. Yet the scope of suffering today is striking. The number of people displaced globally by conflict and persecution stood at 65.6 million at the end of 2016, the greatest number since World War II. Figures released earlier this month show that there were 11.8 million new internal displacements in 2017, nearly double the 6.9 million in 2016. The number of people facing acute hunger globally due largely to conflict and instability reached almost 74 million across eighteen countries in 2017. The trend is clear: war and crisis are destroying more lives and livelihoods, pushing more people toward starvation and driving more people from their homes.

In the last 10 years we, the US, has contributed to the Middle East refugee crisis…..and now that we have officially pulled out of the UN humanitarian efforts we can NO longer claim any moral high ground and need to keep our mouths shut.

The crisis in the Syrian desert is just such an example……there is lots of finger pointing and little effort to solve the problem…..

Looking at a map, nothing would seem easier than to drive a convoy of food and medical supplies to Rukban, a camp for refugees and displaced civilians on the Syrian–Jordanian border some 260 kilometers east of Damascus. Though the terrain is rough, the camp is located in an area of relative calm and stability, and it could be reached from Amman, Damascus, or both. But Syria’s seven-year civil war says otherwise.

All sides now blame each other for preventing aid deliveries to the tens of thousands of Syrians trapped in this desolate desert region, and Rukban has emerged as a cruel illustration of how civilians are snared in the tangled threads of sovereignty and proxy control that constitute current-day Syria.

Many countries contributed to the creation of this problem, including the US, and few want to help solve the very problems they have created.

Personally, my thoughts are if you had a hand in creating the problem then it is on your shoulders to solve it…..but instead we are asking those countries least able to weather the refugee crisis to do the heavy lifting.

I say that every defense contract has a provision in it that “X” amount of the profits go to a fund to help refugees…administered by Switzerland through the UN.

It is time for Americans to re-claim the moral high ground in war…but that will not happen in this writers lifetime….sad but there is hope, a small glimmer but hope nonetheless.

18 thoughts on “The Moral High Ground Is Gone

  1. I doubt there has been any moral high ground since the liberation of European countries in 1945.
    And I am not expecting to encounter any, before I drop off the perch.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. (To somewhat echo what Carl said….)
    We can’t even provide human (rights) hurricane relief to (allegedly) fellow Americans living in Puerto Rico.

    We (the country) needs to do a lot of things we aren’t doing and given the putz in charge, it’s not looking good for anything, much less human rights efforts anywhere.

    1. We cannot do these things for most of the budget goes to the Pentagon…..and in turn to the M-IC…..their profits are far more important than anything the country needs….chuq

  3. Moral high ground? I am near to being suspended..2 strikes & one 12 hour ban which I managed to get out of by deleting the offensive tweet…what was the tweet? Not offensive…I sent it to EU regs coming in soon…not good…not sure how long we are going to last…exposing the dark side of governments is not liked 😦 Trust you are faring better over the pond. I should be heading to Beirut soon,catching up with my bro & his new born & wife, Lebanese & family who I met in Cyprus…I will try to keep going as long as I can…trust you are well chuq.

      1. I will but today is another medical treatment so I shall be a bit under the weather…….will get to it as soon as I can….thanx for the link….chuq

      2. Ah,I had one of those…woke up in the morning,after a strenuous round of gardening..Could not straighten my back least of all walk the ten mins to the chiro… on the second day late,a friend drove me to the chiro…phew,but the next week I felt someone had kicked me in the back very hard…such is life with a raptured disc… easing up now…lifes a bitch.Trust all goes well…But in the meantime,Beam me up! 🙂 x

      3. This is just some minor stuff after losing my toes…..will know for sure next week for the follow-up…..thanx for the concern….chuq

  4. Americans keep their mouths shut (any humans for that matter)? One peek at the news, a glimpse at blogs or dare to click on any social media and Wham – you’re hit with someone yelling about something being unfair!
    Life IS unfair !

  5. It is time to disband the useless UN and scatter its ashes to the four winds. America does not need to be subject to the dictates of the increasingly oppressive and power-mad UN and as far as responsibility for war goes, remember the old saying “The Fortunes Of War” and let the global alliances that were designed to look out for each other do their share and stop trying to put the burden onto the shoulders of The American Taxpayer.

      1. The US countries that can veto everything…..that is why the UN is ineffective….5 ith veto power holds the world at bay….they should not have this power over the world. chuq

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