Closing Thought–03Apr18

Since the news broke about the insecurity of Facebook the conversation about the people’s privacy is once again newsworthy…..

Well I am here to keep you abreast of the government’s attempts to invade our privacy….ever hear of the CLOUD Act?

No?  Then maybe you should stop skimming the post and read it for real…..

While the nation remained fixated on gun control and Facebook’s violative practices last week, the U.S. government quietly codified the CLOUD Act, its own intrusive policies on citizens’ data.

While the massive, $1.2 trillion omnibus spending bill passed Friday received widespread media attention, the CLOUD Act — which lawmakers snuck into the end of the 2,300-page bill — was hardly addressed.

The Clarifying Lawful Overseas Use of Data Act (CLOUD) “updates the rules for criminal investigators who want to see emails, documents and other communications stored on the internet,”CNETreported. “Now law enforcement won’t be blocked from accessing someone’s Outlook account, for example, just because Microsoft happens to store the user’s email on servers in Ireland.

The CLOUD Act will also allow the U.S. to enter into agreements that allow the transfer of private data from domestic servers to investigators in other countries on a case-by-case basis, further globalizing the ever-encroaching surveillance state. The Electronic Frontier Foundation, which has strongly opposed the legislation, listed several consequences of the bill, which it called “far-reaching” and “privacy-upending”:

Our internet privacy has been under attack for well over a year now….we had better pay attention or lose out completely.


12 thoughts on “Closing Thought–03Apr18

  1. Nothing we do online will ever be private, chuq.
    The sooner we realise that, the better. At least in the US, they pass a law to be able to intrude. In the UK, they do it without asking first. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. I post these things to show people that NOTHING is private anymore….but you will have those that think they can find privacy on the web….silly notion….chuq

  2. O.K., I am paying attention! Now what does anyone expect me to do about it? You have provided us with the problem and now I am interested in hearing your solution.

    1. The only thing we can do is elect people that are truly concerned with our security not easy to do for most are there to make a buck and nothing else……you want privacy then change things…..chuq

  3. I hate omnibus bills…and this kind of shit is why. (My family had a business stolen from them in an omnibus bill…by a “pro-business” government at that!) They are cover to hide stuff that should never happen.

    After reading this story….It’s clear we live in 1984, period. You just can’t pretend otherwise anymore. This completely (multi) unconstitutional law is a complete and INTENTIONAL violation of the very notion of rights…a full frontal assault on the very “rule of law” itself…. Illegal, warrantless, cross border, searches into every aspect of ones life without even informing the victim…and even those associated with him…all based on “I felt like it.” This is 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon stuff here.

    People are running around frothing at the mouth “defending” their supposed 2nd Amendment rights…that aren’t even under attack. But this is the VERY first I’ve heard of this fucking bullshit.

    Who won the WW2 again? Who won the Cold War again? Apparently, Fascism did. Shit, the fucking Nazis had more respect for peoples rights than this. Fire up those FEMA Camps! We got people to disappear!

      1. FEMA camps themselves (or not)…. What the FOX crowd primarily has wrong is the “who”.

        Believe me, they’ve got plans just sitting there waiting. The only part still up for debate is “when” they’re gonna declare M-Day and round people up. This CLOUD bullshit is just one more piece of the prison fence being installed. One more massive surveillance camera. One more way to produce “extra-judicial evidence”. It may take a decade, or two, or hopefully three…but the way things are going, M-Day is coming…and it will probably be cheered by everyone NOT taken to camp. (See: “Build a Wall”)

        Remember me talking about Project PROFUNC? That fucker was officially on the books in Canuckistan until ’83-’84. Purely because I was a “Red Diaper Baby”… the child of an East Block export (considered “Red until proven otherwise” by the system)…I could’ve EASILY had an “unscheduled 3AM visit” to Casa Loma along with thousands of others. My house even got a post-PROFUNC visit in the 80’s from these “national security” types. So I’m not 100% sure I have been deleted from the list that “officially no longer exists”. Because they’re all so open & honest with us, right? “Mutual trust”, etc.

        This is how these kind of motherfuckers “think”. They all arbeit soooo hard to macht frei and when the chips are down…we know who/what the “eggs in the omelette” are.

      2. Yeah, being “filed away” is exactly what I’m worried about. (But yes, use the term!)

        Red Diaper Baby was the actual terminology PROFUNC used to describe children of people who had escaped the East Block for “freedom” in Canuckistan. The term shows the “assumed guilt” mentality of this program that was completely devoid of even pretend oversight.

        It was the default position of PROFUNC to assume everyone who left the East Block was a Communist, if not a Communist spy. Until “proven otherwise”, they would remain on 1 of 2 lists. First was the list of Suspected Communist Sympathizers. It had 50,000 names. The other list was of Suspected Communists. It had about 16,000 names. They were evolving lists because some names were added, raised or lowered, and some were declared “not-guilty” after sufficient spying. (“And some, I suppose, are good people.”)

        The list was compiled in complete secret. Very few people even knew PROFUNC existed. That included the last Minister officially in charge of it. He accidentally ended it in 83-84 during a routine bureaucratic change. (“All gov’t lists not updated in the last X years can’t be used anymore.”) Until a 2010 CBC story, this entire program “never existed”. Even to this day, only a handful of names have been released (including elected politicos like Canadian Medicare inventor & Kiefer Sutherland’s grandpa, Tommy Douglas) It’s still a taboo subject. Nobody in current/past governments will discuss it publicly.

        The primary methodology was to assume guilt based on nation of origin, occupation (unionists) and political activities (anything “lefty”). Agents kept copies of any media involving a list member’s name. Depending on your priority level, they followed you around and allegedly (assuredly!) tapped your phone without warrant. (We don’t need no stinking warrants!) Agents often had “chats” with current/potential employers. Border crossing into the US was much tougher, if not impossible. Other names just sat there for decades without update, just waiting for M-Day.

        On the declaration of M-Day, The names on the 2nd (Suspected Commie) List would be rounded up in the middle of the night (to avoid witnesses) and put in camps by police using arrest warrants filled out when the name went on the list. Everyone in the household would be arrested, including other adults & even babies born in Canada. (Red Diaper Babies) The named persons would later be sent to prisons, or more permanent WW2-like detention camps. Meals were of the bread & water variety and escape attempts were shoot-to-kill offences. You were to sit & rot in rights-free invisibility for as long as they felt like it.

        Other members of the household would be triaged according to threat level and either jailed, or released. A Red Diaper Baby like me would be released to acceptable Communist-hating relatives, or Childrens Aid. Folks on the 1st list (Sympathizer List) would also get rounded up and receive the same triage treatment. They just weren’t as high a priority.

        While PROFUNC was still in effect, I lived very close to Casa Loma. It is a faux-Castle that is also a fancy tourist destination. That’s the place I would have been dragged out of bed and taken to if my dad was on the Suspects List at the time. (As a Berlin Wall jumper, 100% chance he was on one of the lists at some point) I’ve passed Casa Loma dozens of times, but I’ve avoided it like the plague since 2010. For all I know, they still have my picture on the wall in the basement dungeon.

        So when it comes to spying…especially the secret, unwarranted, “you have no rights” variety…I take it pretty personal. Being a COINTELPRO victim, I’m sure you can relate.

        But as I said…this is how all these fuckers think & act. One minute you’re in bed. The next minute, you’re in a secret camp with no access to…anybody…and your neighbours are told “He moved”. FEMA Camps might be off the mark, but this kind of shit is most certainly REAL…and getting real-er all the time!

  4. Unfortunately all the information about us and what we do on the net is collected and that’s just a fact of life. What they do with it is the only thing we may have the illusion of control over but in reality we don’t.

    This is the cost of the so called “free internet” we get. The cost is our information, and I think most of the younger generation, unlike myself, are more tolerant and accepting of this fact. Its a brave new world!

    The upside is: it really doesn’t matter what legal implications there are and whether any company is breaking the law. If the users don’t like what the company is doing they will just stop using the service, which is much more detrimental than any lawsuit. Facebook, as an example, can and would love to settle in court and forget anything ever happened “just like the banks”, but their real worry and rightfully so are their users deciding not to use them any more. This can essentially break a billion dollar company overnight, with how viral things go now a days.

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