Oh Albania!

Albania is one of those countries that people scratch their heads when it is talked about…..

Is the US really in bed with a terrorist organization?

I ask this because MEK is what is called a “terrorist” organization……

On March 22, 2018 the former Mayor of New York and adviser to President Trump, Rudy Giuliani was in Tirana. He was invited to Albania’s capital by Maryam Rajavi, the head of the Mojahedin-e Khalq (MEK) organization, to celebrate the Iranian festival of Nowruz with the Iranian jihadist organization which Albania has hosted since 2013. In this meeting, which was secretly organized by the Mojahedin, Giuliani showed his support for some 3.000 Iranian radicals that Albania hosts. In his speech Giuliani encouraged the Mojahedin to continue their fight against the government of Iran and called for regime change in Tehran.

The gathering of the Mojahedin was also attended by three Albanian politicians. They were Pandeli Majko, Minister for the Diaspora in the present Albanian government. Majko served as Minister of the Interior during the era of secret CIA renditions in Eastern Europe when Albania was used by the CIA to rendition and torture people. Majko who has never denied his cooperation with the CIA or the existence of secret prisons in Albania, has defended the illegal renditions and torture and has criticized those who spoke against the torture chambers of the CIA.


Maybe there is something to the conspiracy theory that the US is in league with terrorists…….


8 thoughts on “Oh Albania!

  1. More than ‘something’ to that theory, I’m sure.
    Albania is something of a scourge in Europe. A hotbed of international crime, including people smuggling, drug smuggling, arms smuggling, and the export of violent criminals all over the continent. Truth be told, we were better off when it was ruled by Enver Hoxha, and he kept his people at home.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Maybe it’s more like the film, “Wag The Dog” where the theme is a political strategy to deflect public opinion away from some presidential shenanigans by starting a fake war with Albania.

  3. Isn’t the first time, and while MeK isn’t a major terror player [by any stretch], it carries [or carried] the designation as an FTO…so past instances of cozy-ing up to them….was no small amount of hypocrisy.

      1. I believe Bolton is one of those in support of MeK……cash can make interesting bedfellows (I heard that somewhere)…LOL chuq

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