The Saffron Curtain

It is time for the old professor to throw some history in your direction….you may fall asleep if you like but your grade will reflect the nap…..

During the Cold War many techniques were used by the US to counter the expansion of communism around the world…..psyops was one of these tactics….we even went so far as to try and weaponize religion….

Of the world’s major faiths, Buddhism is often characterized as being a religion of peace, tolerance, and compassion. The Western encounter with Buddhism has largely been distilled through yoga, the beatniks, Hollywood, and Dalai Lama quotes shared on Facebook. But even a cursory glance at the news that emanates from the Buddhist world reveals a more sanguinary state of affairs.

In Myanmar, ultra-nationalist monks have fueled a genocidal crusade against the country’s Rohingya Muslim population. In Thailand, the government has responded to a long-running Malay Muslim insurgency in its southern provinces by fostering a Buddhist militarism, encouraging monks in local temples to ally with the armed forces. And in Sri Lanka, the Buddhist-majority Sinhalese were engaged in a bitter civil war against the Hindu-minority Tamils for decades. More recently, Buddhist nationalists there have stoked anti-Muslim riots.

Some of the policies that resulted in violence have not subsided with the death of the USSR…..lingering hatred has endured.


14 thoughts on “The Saffron Curtain

      1. Minus the actual “communism” part. It’s one massive for-profit-gulag now.

  1. So much for those ‘peaceful’ Buddhists. I thought they had to make sure that they didn’t even step on an ant. Maybe Muslims don’t count as ants in Myanmar. If there is any real Karma, they will all be reincarnated as Rohingas, living in a refugee camp in Bangladesh.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Speaking of Psy-ops… I recall some blurb not too long ago where some Cold War time frame event was used to try and embarrass the Soviets. Story goes the KGB, through some inter-mediary, tried to embarrass the U.S. by placing an order for so many thousand condoms to their specifications.. which of course were outlandishly huge. The CIA caught wind of the order and had the condom company use their regular packaging advertising.. but put label on the side.. “Small”. 🙂

    1. I recall that story but I am not convinced that it is true…..PsyOps began with the US lead coup in 1950’s Guatemala….probably their biggest success with the minimum effort….chuq

  3. I blame Richard Gere and that damn gerbil…Buddhism has kinda been going to pot after that…and we all know that story wasn’t a psy-op, right?

    (Ironically, for the 2nd time today…) “Life is suffering.” -The Buddha….True Dat, my fat friend! True dat.

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