“Deal Of The Century”

I am a foreign policy wonk.  My life after my military service has been dedicated to international relations bot in government and academia and thus after retirement I have found blogging……after 12 years now and counting.  I worked for 3 years in the Middle East and North Africa so write about what little expertise I have……

During Pres. Trump’s campaign he talked about the Middle East and it would be the “Deal of the Century”…..I was not sure what he meant….was there going to be a peaceful settlement between Israel and Palestine….or smething else completely?

I then read an article in The American Conservative…….

Donald Trump’s promise of “a deal of the century” to end the conflict between Israel and the Arabs is getting legs. After a year of discussions led by Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, the main elements of the president’s design are coming into view. But it’s not exactly what the Palestinians want to see.

It would be an exaggeration to call the ideas and suggestions raised by Trump’s intimates a bona fide plan. In the first case, the assembly of government experts and intimates thinking about the issue this past year have yet to demonstrate an ability to conceptualize an agreed upon and coherent view of a successful diplomatic engagement worthy of the definition. And second, there is no evidence to suggest that the Trump team is capable of successfully translating such a plan, if it exists, into a successful diplomatic engagement.


Mr. Trump used the Saudis to deliver his “deal of the century” to the Palestinians….after the embassy decision it was not embraced at all……

Saudi officials delivered a copy of US President Donald Trump’s “deal of the century” to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, but he has refused to open the document or play any role in the process, Middle East Eye can reveal.

Details of Trump’s deal have not yet been officially released, but armed with the 35-page document from the Saudis, the Palestinian Authority already knows every single article in the proposed plan and say the Americans will “not find any Palestinian to accept such a deal”.


So any “deal” that was foreseen will not be happening……there needs to be a reversal of the Trump policies before any “Deal” has a chance of success and that is not in the wind these days.


10 thoughts on ““Deal Of The Century”

  1. The Palestinians have never been anxious to embrace any kind of deal as far as I can tell and I have been watching them for many years now … just as you have … they are never going to be ready for a peaceful solution to their territorial dispute unless and until the last Israeli had departed what was once their own exclusive province.

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