Closing Thought–23Mar18

More propaganda From Hollywood!

I see Hollywood is doing what it always does…..acting as the major purveyor of propaganda….in this case it is working as an Israeli agent.

Now why would I make such an observation?

Every time there is a bit of a decline in their popularity rating then another piece of propaganda is rolled out…..Schindler’s List, the Holocaust (the movie/documentary) so many to list…..but the newest incarnation of Israel sympathy manufacturing “7 Days in Entebbe”…..a remake of the 1977 movie “Raid On Entebbe” starring Peter Finch and Charles Bronson….

The new movie was a typical Hollywood crap….good guys vs bad guys and the heroic rescue……

In 1976, an Air France airplane carrying 250 passengers to Paris from Tel Aviv was hijacked by terrorists. The Israeli mission to rescue them, known as Operation Entebbe or Operation Thunderbolt, is the latest historical event to be given the Hollywood treatment, in director José Padilha’s 7 Days in Entebbe, out March 16.

First of all, Entebbe in 1976 was a shit hole (to use a presidential phrase)….but hear it be told some make it sound like it was akin to downtown Chicago…just not the case.

Thanx to the magic of Hollywood this event was a game changer for Israel and like most movies/documentaries/TV shows the situation was not like it is portrayed….

In reality this action was riddle with fuck ups and oh shit moments…..

The commandos had just three minutes to evade a cordon of paratroopers, storm the old terminal and kill the terrorists. Much could go wrong – and it almost did.

According to Amnon Biran, the mission’s intelligence officer, there was a gap in the planners’ knowledge of at least 30 per cent. “We didn’t know,” he admitted, “the exact location of the hostages, whether the building had been wired with explosives or even the proper layout of the airport.”

Did this event need to be relived?

Yes it did!

Trump’s bonehead decision to move the embassy to Jerusalem has caused a good portion of the world to condemn the decision and when the move actually takes place, some say in May of 2018, there will be trouble and Israel will need all the good PR it can muster to head off criticism and what better way to do this than give the world a poor pitiful Israel against those mean bad guys.

This is a fluff movie that serves only one purpose… make Israel out as a victim.

Sorry but the world’s debt that was owed Israel because of the Holocaust has been paid in full many years ago……we need to hold them to the same standards as we hold other countries.


8 thoughts on “Closing Thought–23Mar18

  1. It was the rejection and victimization of the Israeli People that led to the formation of The Nation of Israel in the first place.

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