…..But He Plays One On TV

Pres., Trump recently lost his economic adviser over his, TrumP, deal with tariffs….the prez has picked his new adviser…….who is not an economist but he plays one on TV……Kudlow.

“I’m looking at Larry Kudlow very strongly,” President Trump said the other day, and as a result of all that strong, powerful, muscular looking, Trump finally selected Kudlow to be the new chief of his National Economic Council. It was a decision perfectly in line with Trump’s general philosophy of personnel, which is that he turns on Fox News, decides who sounds good, and then hires that person. In fact, when Trump called to offer the job, he told Kudlow he was looking at his picture on television. “You’re looking handsome, Larry,” he said.

We’ve gotten so used to cable television being the primary means through which Trump gets information, decides what’s important, and determines who should advise him that it’s become almost cliche, a source of easy jokes. But it’s yet more evidence that the most powerful person in the world views everything through the lens of a forum where our worst impulses are cultivated and the shallowest people are given the most exposure and influence.


The perfect choice….not an ounce of expertise like most others on his, Trump’s, cabinet….amateurs playing governance…..classic Trump!


14 thoughts on “…..But He Plays One On TV

  1. A cast of TV celebrities running the country. Sounds like the ultimate ‘reality’ TV show to me.
    Trouble is, it’s real life, and you can’t just cancel the next episodes…
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. off topic..sorry chuq,flying visit…
    I met Gilad Atzmon,he is also brilliant musician(&writer)…I have 2 of his books….now look what is going on.:-(
    He is being sued by you know who..as in the wondering who?
    I sent you the tweet…they mean business….free speech?
    The fight begins….did it ever stop?

  3. Not only is this bad in & of itself, the constancy of Trump’s approach establishes an awful precedent. Like so much about Trump, it normalizes the behaviour. The first Millennial President….(Jesus there’s a truly scary thought!!!)….will probably fill the White House full of UselessTube and Idiotgram stars.

    We’ll LONG for the days of overrated TV personalities and Reality TV stars the way some old-timers LONG for the days when Republicans were like Nixon.

      1. And what does longing for Raygun tell you about the future?

        While you may (hopefully not) resemble the brave “just a flesh wound” knight guarding the river in the Monty Python movie…who fights the good fight right to the end (aka the last remaining body part)….your end is…well…er…um..(That’s seriously cruel, dude! I should be ashamed. But this is 2018. Shame is obsolete.)

        Me? I’m unfortunately going to be around when people rightly long for THE TRUMP DAYS!!! Part of me hopes he really does grab “the football”, points everything straight up in the air and presses the button.

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