What Do You Know About Oil?

My Sunday begins and I had a random thought….what do you really know about oil?

Our lives are controlled by oil….we run our cars on it……plastics are made from it….oil is everything.  We go to war over the black substance….economies are made of the stuff….but what else do you know?

Well to help you out…..

Whenever you see a headline like this, you know it will go along the lines of “did you know that petroleum stands for rock oil?” Yes you did, goes the reply of an overwhelming majority of readers. For this reason, the list below is one which holds the reader in high esteem, as a dear colleague on the road to broaden our knowledge of the oil industry. So here we go…

1.) Oil’s first use was for caulking – ruins from early Antiquity (5-6 000 BC) testify that Euphrates and Indus Valley civilizations built their houses with bitumen. Caulking their ships with bitumen logically followed soon afterwards.

(there is so much more)


Not only do you have a couple of days off….but now you know so much more about oil……a knowledge that will get you nothing in life but the knowledge that you know some things that others mmay not….

TTFN my friends…..chuq


5 thoughts on “What Do You Know About Oil?

  1. Hey, I knew 10 of these! Not every specific detail (names dates etc.) Still more than I expected. Although, I hail from a nation that continues to exist only because of oil. (and other natural resources)

    I also think #30 is wrong. Oil was found in Oil Springs, Ontario https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oil_Springs,_Ontario BEFORE Titusville, Pennsylvania. I’ve seen some of the wells.Odd little things, but they still produce oil even today.

    And more Oil Springs/Petrolia historical oil facts here: http://www.petroliaheritage.com/oilSprings.htm

    Curiously, the well is about 2hrs from where the REAL “first recorded baseball game” took place, another All-American first…that wasn’t. http://www.beachvilledistrictmuseum.ca/EN/baseball.php

      1. Well, I’m just that kind of asshole.

        America thinks it invented everything. Oil, baseball, democracy, Christianity…. It’s the whole “exceptionalism” thing…the fairy tale it tells itself about itself.

        Another example, Columbus “discovering” America. A few weeks back, I left a reply to your comment on Columbus over here http://www.findingpoliticalsanity.com/abusive-expediency-the-metoo-public-banishment-of-achievement/ that contains another example of this phenomena. You probably didn’t see it, but I’m not going to type all that 3AM shit out again. (What am I, Trump?)

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