This Little Piggy Went To Market

Many of my regulars know that I recently had 4 toes removed, and no I am not diabetic, I think I have handled the loss of my digits fairly well.  I mean I could go into a funk because I have been wheel chair bound for months, well since October 2017……but I prefer to look for good in the situation… gave me the boost to quit smoking.

My last doctors visit I was told that I could finally start putting some weight on my bad foot……plus I will be fitted with a prosthetic that will fit into my shoe so that I can wear pretty much any shoe which is good because I did not want to have to buy a special shoe…..I will be able to wear my Chuck Taylors……for months I have been getting around with wheel chair, knee scooter and walker (nothing makes one feel old like a walker)…….

Enough chit chat…….speaking of prosthetic… son-in-law knowing that I do like me some history showed my an article that he ran across and thought I would get a kick out of it……

An ongoing reexamination of an ancient Egyptian wooden toe is shedding new light on how the remarkable wooden prosthetic was manufactured, and whether it was used for cosmetic or functional purposes.

It’s called the Greville Chester Great Toe, and it’s one of the earliest prosthetic devices known to scientists. The Iron Age prosthetic was discovered by archaeologists 17 years ago in a plundered tomb that was carved into an older burial chamber known as Sheikh ´Abd el-Qurna, an acropolis just west of Luxor, Egypt. A team of researchers from the University of Basel and the University of Zurich are currently reexamining the device, and the archaeological site itself, using state-of-the-art techniques—and they’re learning some extraordinary new things about it.

Those darn ancient Egyptians were an ingenuous group…..

I begin my Saturday and my weekend…..hopefully everyone will have a good day and a better tomorrow…..chuq


9 thoughts on “This Little Piggy Went To Market

  1. Fascinating indeed, chuq.
    Glad to hear that you are making progress. And giving up smoking has got to be good too. Well done.
    Best wishes, Pete.

      1. Many people don’t realise that smoking is a cause of amputation in later life. I gave up aged 60, but the damage may well have been done by the 40 years of smoking before that.

      2. Gee, and those Egyptians didn’t even have wi-fi!!! How did they ask Siri to build it? How did they do anything?

        (Jesus, imagine if you were Diabetic on top of all that? They’d probably be removing your nuts, too. Hopefully, that’s the end of it…and if they took your nuts…Why carry on anyway?)

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