Just A Bit Of Sushi

Another glorious Sunday and a rest from the silliness we call politics in this country.  As usual I have to say something when I smell something.

Going out to eat…..I remember back in the day when we went out to eat on Sundays and special occasions like birthdays, Monday’s Day, etc.  Nowadays it seems we are all too damn busy to eat at home and as you would think food fads come and go….

In the town where I live a decade ago there was a Mexican restaurant on every corner…they were more popular than that coffee chain that does not have a small coffee……and now slowly the Mexican places have been replaced with a Sushi joint…..me?  I still seek out Mexican for I refuse to eat a dead raw fish.

But to be helpful to my readers…..is Sushi all that healthy?  What about granola?

Is popcorn good for you? What about pizza, orange juice or sushi? Or frozen yogurt, pork chops or quinoa?

Which foods are healthy? In principle, it’s a simple enough question, and a person who wishes to eat more healthily should reasonably expect to know which foods to choose at the supermarket and which to avoid.

Unfortunately, the answer is anything but simple.

The Food and Drug Administration recently agreed to review its standards for what foods can be called “healthy,” a move that highlights how much of our nutritional knowledge has changed in recent years – and how much remains unknown.

You are what you eat.  Me?  I am meat and potatoes with gravy and bread…..throw in a few veggies for a good measure.

Please have a good day and I will return Monday for more and better stuff…….chuq

18 thoughts on “Just A Bit Of Sushi

  1. I stopped worrying about what was healthy to eat a long time ago. 🙂
    Like you, I give sushi a miss. I prefer my food to be cooked.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. I don’t know about health. Such puny servings of fish & rice can’t be that bad. However, a lot of these fish have been Fukashimad with radiation or have just naturally absorbed various toxins. I’ve even read some of these fish are “now with Microbeads” another horrid legacy of our stupid, unnecessary, industrial/consumerist practices. One thing i DO know is that Sushi is the current pinnacle of wasteful food-trendiness. (to this point at least, cause it will undoubtedly get worse). https://www.ubyssey.ca/science/sushi-eating-is-bad/

    REAL Sushi…(& even some of the fake shit that calls itself Sushi)….comes from fish caught around the world, mostly tuna. They get sent (often flown) to Japan, where they’re blessed by Falun Gong monks and are officially declared “Sushi”. From there, it gets flown around the world to feed uppity douche-bags who want to feel special and oh-so cool. They spend ludicrous amounts of money to eat half a bowl of rice, some seaweed and a few chunks of tuna. Oh, you’re “special” alright. Special Ed!

    With all the flying, the carbon footprint of Sushi has to be enormous…especially on a per KG basis. In addition, it’s decimating tuna stocks around the world. Not only that, an increasing percentage is taken from 3rd World shores where the locals depend on the fish to survive. Yet little of this gets out into the public and even less of it as any impact on its trend-chasing customers. If anything, knowing the above makes it even more desirable to its customers, not less.

    “Look, Buffy. I’m taking food out of the mouths of starving Easteropians, increasing my carbon footprint and killing off a species of fish at the same time! Hahahaha! Take a picture of me eating this and post it on Loserbook. I just can’t wait to see how many jealous losers Like this.

      1. I like fish every now & again. But paying for raw fish??? If I’m slapping down beaucoup bucks for fish…it better at least be a whole damn fish! And it better damn well be cooked, preferably in some fancy, tasty, sauce!

        Coincidentally, I just finished watching the latest X-Files episode where Scully & Mulder go to a Sushi place. It’s funny/scary on a couple fronts. It’s combines trendy food with trendy tech and the vastly overrated benefits of both. There are over 600 Sushi restaurant in Vancouver, where it’s shot, so Sushi is a prime choice for such an episode.

        Forowa Sushi (Translation: Follower Sushi) is a fully automated Sushi place with no employees. Their order is placed via touch-screen. The order is assembled (incorrectly) by robots in the kitchen and is delivered to them via conveyor belt with a robotic “YUM!” demand. Payment is made with a card, but the card gets stuck in the slot. Mulder pounds on it, shorts something out and they wind up trapped inside, as if criminals. They try to escape under the gaze of numerous cameras watching them. No employees to help at Forowa Sushi. In fact, the entire episode contains ZERO people. Cabbies, factory workers, deliveries, telephone help-lines, even security…everything they encounter is automated. (And all the tech in this episode exists right now!)

        They eventually get out of the Sushi trap and the rest of the episode is spent in a digital Murphy’s Law, with the feeling there may be some evil conspiracy at work. They’re under a constant barrage of automated functions..all of which demand more & more attention/response from them. Nearly all of them are malfunctioning, useless, or intrusive. The episode promo:

        Anyway, from now on, Forowa Sushi will be my defining mental image of Sushi…as if I didn’t need more encouragement not to eat Sushi…. And if I could still afford steak, I’d slap one down on a charcoal BBQ right now…like God intended!!!

      2. Yes, I shit you not! Sushi making robots with AI! It might even be the same one as in the X-Files episode. It had red eyes too.

        My favourite part…”And there’s no worry about unemployment.” …because we aren’t remotely worried about unemploying people. In fact, that’s the goal!

        As for steak, Robot fast food workers are officially here. Say hello to Flippy the robot…and goodbye to 2.3 million already underpaid cooks. He’s already replaced the burger flippers at one Caliburger location and more to come. https://techcrunch.com/2017/03/07/meet-flippy-a-burger-grilling-robot-from-miso-robotics-and-caliburger/ Corporate mega-bonuses all around! Welfare for everybody else.

        Meanwhile…as I said earlier, I can no longer afford steak. I may soon be forced to catch fish from the PCB infested river like a bunch of other people here already are…and eat it raw…Because my stupid stove is gas and them gas bastards keep threatening to turn it off. Four years of on-time payment, but miss ONE fucking bill and it’s 4 “we’re cutting you off notices” in a row. Even though I’ve been on-time every time since….Probably an automated response print-off function that’s failed to self-correct. But still. It’s fucking cold up here and I got gruel to cook.

      3. I get steaks from Omaha Steaks.com…….down here it is the summer that is hard on us old farts…..without A/C many get heat stroke and shit….not pretty….chuq

  3. Sushi is fine if (a) It is not grown in the human-waste-infested waters of some of the asian fish farms and (b) if it has been properly prepared so as to avoid infestation with e-coli and other nasty things. I never trust any seafood from Asia.

    1. Good idea, John. What hasn’t been Fukashimad has been marinating in toxic runoff from CHINA.

      1. Thank you Chuq, for all the wonderful information. Yes, news is coming quick, not only good news, but thats life. Wish you a great week. Michael 😉

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