Intel For Profit

I have written several posts about the privatization of war by using mercenaries…..corporations like Blackwater like to call themselves a security company but yet they supply mercenaries to fight in several countries…..soldiering for profit.

Nowadays they are also entering into the world of intel gathering taking up some of the slack of our intel agencies like NSA or CIA…….anytime there is a chance for profit I can foresee problems……

There has been an excellent look into this problem with a 3 part series on the privatization of our intel gathering……

Privatized and politicized intelligence is undermining the mission of providing unbiased information to both high-level decision makers and the American public,

Back in 1991, during the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the general consensus of the intelligence community was that America needed a strong Russia. Russians bore the weight of dismantling the Soviet Union and an internally strong and stable Russia was considered the biggest stable democratic government in the hemisphere.

A strong Russia provides stability throughout the region, it was understood. Without a strong and stable Russia, the massive Russian Federation would descend into small nationalist countries. Warring nations and instability would be the norm and not the exception.

The other 2 parts of this series here…….

I agree that this has the potential of being disastrous for our intel establishment…..the leaks in the past have been perpetrated by private contractors of our intel agencies.

The more independent people employed the better the chances of catastrophic damage can be done in turn making the country less safe……


6 thoughts on “Intel For Profit

  1. Using so-called private contractors for intelligence and spying is going to prove to be disastrous in the long term. Their only agenda is profit, after all.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Unfortunately, I cyber-spaced a pretty good rant about MISC Industries. So, you’re stuck with this. In it:

    I said the oversight of government spy agencies isn’t even worth the 9 letters required to type “oversight”. Farm it out and you’ve got even less oversight & less ability to hand out (non-existant) consequences for (endless) rights-you-don’t-care-about violations. (Even with the Snowdens of the world, consequences are purely theoretical.)

    I questioned the idea of a for-profit company being trusted with anything they handle. Certainly it increases profitability if they re-sell info on the open market. I then brought in better known for-profit spy agencies like Loserbook and how their profit model has netted them countless Rubles and Bitcoins in assisting the foreign attack on American elections.

    I also questioned the profit motive in staffing. Corporations are always cutting costs. How does this not affect quality? Not that anyone gives a fuck, but will even more innocent folks get splattered by drone strikes? If it does affect quality, how will we ever know? Because everything is so super-fucking secret!

    And will this mean spying becomes just another McJob? Because that has serious, EXTREMELY likely, consequences. It’s not unlike like “raiding the stationary cabinet” at work. Your boss is a cheap asshole. Why not use your access to trade some info & get your share of the profits? Or why not use some of the info you gather to use in a blackmail side-hustle? Here’s just one example.

    An offshoot of Snowden’s going public was disclosing that -among other things- the NSA sees damn near every single dick-pic.

    Now, just imagine Snowden wasn’t a high-minded, rights crusader. Even though it wasn’t really part of his job description, he had access to millions & millions of dick pics. Easier than he avoided NSA wrath for a much bigger “leaking of info”, he could have collected dick pics, other personal conversations & details, put them together, easily hunted down participants and blackmailed them with little or no risk of being caught. Or, he could have sold them to amateur porn websites. Shit, for all we know, half the photos on Porn-hub are a result of such activity.

    Without another “world’s greatest traitor”, we’ll probably never know.

      1. I could be on it right now in another browser window. Ask a privatized spy agency, they could tell you…for a price.

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