The GOP Budget For 2019

Oh goody….the next media spectacle will be the budget battle to come this year.

The infrastructure or the crumbling American infrastructure…debate should begin very soon….here is a head’s up….Trump promised $500+ billion for the crumbling American infrastructure…..that will never happen!

Okay onward to the new debate……to the new diversion for right wing bloggers…..

President Trump unveiled a $4.4 trillion budget for 2019 on Monday, and those with lots of free time on their hands can read it in full here. Before doing so, understand that it has somewhere around 0% chance of being turned into law. As is the case with presidential budget proposals, it is more “vision statement” than realistic spending plan, in the words of the New York Times. Here are some of the key points in Trump’s vision:

  • No balanced budget: The plan surrenders on a GOP goal of trying to eliminate the budget deficit in 10 years. It’s a concession that the big tax-cut plan enacted last year and higher spending in some areas make that impossible, reports the Washington Post. Specifically, the budget sees a $984 billion deficit next year and $7 billion in new debt over the next decade.
  • Military spending: Trump calls for an increase to $716 billion for the Pentagon, which USA Today says would represent the biggest defense buildup since Ronald Reagan held office. The plan would add 25,900 troops to the current force of 1.3 million, and it calls for 10 new warships and increased production of F-35 and F-18 warplanes.
  • Medicare cuts: The plan proposes cuts to domestic agencies such as the Labor and Interior departments, the EPA, and and the National Science Foundation. It also would cut Medicare by $554 billion over the next 10 years, including cuts in payments to hospitals and rehab facilities, reports the AP.
  • Border wall: Trump wants $18 billion for a wall on the Mexican border, and additional money to hire more immigration agents, per USA Today.
  • Space station: The White House plans to end funding for the International Space Station by 2025, but the government would allot $150 million to help make sure that private businesses take over the station’s operation in some as-yet unspecified capacity, per the AP.

Anyone want to add anything else?  Or just wait for the Right wing to lose their mind and g a ranting.

12 thoughts on “The GOP Budget For 2019

  1. Most of it “makes sense” from a wack-job-right ideological perspective. But…

    Eighteen BILLION for a fucking fence to attempt (& fail) to keep out people Americans can’t seem to do without. And $150 million bribe to in order to…privatize space? They act as if the corporations would be satisfied merely to control the entire planet. We must bribe them to take over the universe for their own benefit. God forbid something be for the public good.

    But abandoning a zero deficit? I can’t remember the last time any government of any stripe didn’t at least pretend not to have a Zero-deficit Date. Even in this 2019 Wish List, it seems they’ve dropped the pretense that in 10 years, when most of them are retired to a lucrative life of boardroom leisure, the budget will magically disappear as if Doug Henning made it invisible.

      1. Who says you can’t mix political commentary with magic? A banker helping a trick to make millions disappear. Ha! Not only a great magician, but also a Nostradamus.

        In fact, my man Doug actually ran for office here in Canuckistan for the Natural Law Party, an almost-parody party pushing transcendental meditation, a Green lifestyle, etc. They also promised to fill the capital’s Peace Tower with a team of elite Flying Yogis who would use it as a broadcast tower to spread world peace through meditation. And if I recall, even THEY had a deficit-elimination target date.

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