“I Don’t Need No Stinking Briefing!”

The presidents have daily routine of running this country…..one of the most important is the daily intel briefing this lets the president know what is happening in the world….the situations that will effect the US in one way or another.

Well it seems that Pres. Trump is a lot smarter than he pretends…..he does not want daily briefings because he knows what is happening….why?  He watches FOX News!  (I know I cannot type that without bursting into raucous laughter)……

Donald Trump is the first president since Richard Nixon to not regularly read the President’s Daily Brief—a comprehensive update on the world put together by US intelligence agencies—sources tell the Washington Post, and that has some intelligence experts concerned he’s putting the US at risk. Sources say that within months of Trump taking office, he made it clear he had little interest in the PDB, preferring oral briefings spiced up with graphics, photos, and videos instead. One source says reading full reports is not Trump’s “style of learning,” and the Post notes the president has “a famously short attention span.” Publicly released schedules indicate Trump has been getting these oral intelligence briefings every two or three days.

Former CIA director Leon Panetta and former CIA assistant director Mark Lowenthal say short oral briefings aren’t enough to get a firm grasp on world issues and could put both Trump and the country in danger in the long run. But administration officials defend Trump’s intelligence absorption, with a spokesperson for the National Security Council saying Trump “is an avid consumer of intelligence … and looks forward every day to the give and take of his intelligence briefings.” Sources say Trump asks unique questions during his briefings—like “Why are we even in Somalia?” or “Why can’t I just pull out of Afghanistan?”—but also occasionally brushes off his briefers, complaining they are “talking down to him.” Read the full story here.

This country will eventually regret the routine of this ego-centric toad.  I just hope that when we do that it will not be too costly of a lesson.

13 thoughts on ““I Don’t Need No Stinking Briefing!”

  1. It would be nice to think that any president of the most powerful country in the world would be up to speed about what is going on around him or her. But relying on such briefings also means that he or she is only getting the information that others want them to hear. Whatever the country, that’s always worrying.
    Best wishes, Pete.

      1. I am glad in some ways that I probably will die because of health issues first and won’t have to live till the Soylent Green bill passes in a Republican Congress. I’m not being ironic here.

      1. Boogie movie? Like Boogie Nights? Trump, playboy that he was/is, has probably seen that one…and probably insists “My hands are much biglier!”

      2. Hey chuq.. totally unrelated to your post here… but CNN is reporting some chip “flaw” in cell phones made in China. The intel chiefs are warning not to buy Huawei and ZTE phones. I never even considered this possibility… a foreign power evesdropping on domestic communications.. individuals, gps locations, phone numbers… just by inserting some chip in the manufacturing process that uses your connection to ping back data. We’ve been so concerned about the telecom companies passing our individual data to the government.. when we should be wary of our phones and other electronics being made in other countries. Jeez.. the impact makes Russian election meddling seem like child’s play.

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