Time To Pick a Side

2003 the US invaded then occupied Iraq and this lead us down the long road to the formation of ISIS and the prolonged war to eradicate the vermin…..in all that time we could depend on the Kurds to have our back in this fight.

Now that ISIS is all but defeated they are no longer the military presence they one were Turkey, a NATO ally, has taken it upon themselves to eliminate a bane of theirs, the Kurds.

They began in Northern Syria and have moved into Northern Iraq…..

Turkey’s invasion of Syria is focused on Afrin, for now, but officials have promised to extend it to Manbij, and ultimately across the entire Syrian border. Apparently that’s not enough, as Turkey is also attacking Iraq again.

Turkish media is reporting that warplanes carried out at least eight different airstrikes across northern Iraq on Tuesday, destroying several shelters across the far north of Iraqi Kurdistan.

Officials have yet to confirm why these targets were attacked, or who they think they killed, but generally speaking strikes made by Turkey are aimed at the Kurds, and in northernmost Iraq, that generally means the PKK.


And what is the US doing about this attack on a reliable ally?  So far not much….but it is time to pick a side and stick with it.  We turned our backs on the Kurds in the past will we do it again?

The Syrian Kurds have called the US to task……

The US has struggled to figure out exactly what their position on the Turkish invasion of Syrian Kurdistan is. Kurdish officials know what they expected the US to do, defend them as an ally, and the fact that they aren’t is causing a lot of disquiet.

Key Kurdish politician Aldar Khalil said the US needs to meet its “obligations” toward the Kurdish forces who fought along side them against ISIS, and do something to repel the Turkish invasion.


Turkey, of course, insists that as a fellow NATO member, the US owes them support, and should withdraw from all Kurdish territory. So far the US isn’t doing either, but playing this middle ground isn’t satisfying anyone, and has both the Kurds and Turks believing the US is siding against them, at least somewhat.

Time to buck up and pick a side or go home and let the events control the outcome.


3 thoughts on “Time To Pick a Side

  1. I suspect they will end up choosing the side of Turkey. That country straddles both Europe and The Middle East, so has long been strategically important to the West.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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