New Years Eve–2017

The year is all but a memory and I would like to thank all my followers and commenters for their continued patronage and for making 2017 an excellent year for IST.

It has been a helluva a year….the election of a president without the popular vote…..the systematic tear down of the institution that we Americans have come to depend on….the total destruction of our diplomatic endeavors….a year where autocrats were praised and democracy takes a back seat to personal gain….a year of fake news and a year of accusations…..

Now we look forward to the new year, 2018, that is……and most of us have little what to expect….will the country destroy itself from the inside or will it finally come to its senses?

Here is a little help with the expectation thing…..

The world is on edge. North Korea is threatening war. No one knows what Donald Trump will do next. And deeper forces of disruption are at work, from fake news to cryptocurrencies.With that in mind, welcome to the latest edition of the Pessimist’s Guide…to 2028. It’s an attempt not just to look at the potential shocks of next year but also to consider how they could shape the coming decade.The scenarios outlined here are not meant as forecasts. Instead, they are provocative ideas intended to make you think about how quickly our world is changing.
There is another look at what to expect in the coming year…..
I hope that all have a good evening and remember do not drink and drive….contact me for a hang over cure if needed…..enjoy you celebration but carefully……be safe……chuq

14 thoughts on “New Years Eve–2017

  1. Brest wishes for 2018. Trump fatigue has set in for me, though I make myself continue to keep informed and will, as always since I reached the age, vote in November. I hope it will be an election that resurrects our democracy, though I feel uncomfortable seeing how much it’s been degraded by the Republicans in their rush to empty the bank.

  2. I’m trying to continue to stay positive in the coming year, and avoiding forecasts of doom and gloom accordingly. But that doesn’t mean that I won’t be enjoying your great posts for another year, chuq!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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