Can You Hear The Drums Of War?

It seems that almost daily the sounds of that drum get louder and louder….from the Middle East to the Korean Peninsula…..everybody has a bone to pick with someone and in the end we go to war……few of us are sure why we must fight but fight we must….

Why is this?

Now that the self-described Islamic State has all but lost its caliphate in Iraq and Syria, leaving the term “state” as a relic in its name, many people may be breathing a sigh of relief, anticipating a reduction in the gruesome violence that inundated social media and occupied global strategists in recent years. But those hopes could be dashed. There is a high probability that even more violence is ahead. The drums of war are pounding in the Middle East and beyond, and the chance that a new war will start in the near future is far from negligible.

For now, the majority—though not all—of the signs of impending armed conflict are limited to rhetoric and political maneuvers. But the rhetoric is so heated, and the diplomatic counterforces so weak, that the verbal threats and political posturing should be taken seriously.

From Riyadh to Tehran, from Washington to Pyongyang, political leaders are talking, and in some cases acting, as if they are on a path to war.

The Middle East region is a hot bed and the US does nothing to calm the fire…..they are even stoking it…

Israel, Saudi Arabia and the U.S. have one main objective at the moment and that is to destabilize Lebanon and attempt to defeat Hezbollah before they prepare for another offensive in Syria to remove Assad from power. Before they declare an all-out war on Iran, they must neutralize their allies, Hezbollah and Syria which is by far an extremely difficult task to accomplish.

The Israeli government knows that it cannot defeat Hezbollah without sacrificing both its military and civilian populations. Israel needs the U.S. military for added support if their objective is to somewhat succeed. Israel and the U.S. can continue its support of ISIS and other terrorist groups to create a new civil war in Lebanon through false-flag terror operations which in a strategic sense, can lead to an internal civil war. Can Hezbollah and the Lebanese military prevent terrorist groups from entering its territory? So far they have been successful in defeating ISIS on the Lebanon-Syria border, and will most likely be successful in preventing a new U.S.-supported terrorist haven in Lebanon. Lebanon’s Prime Minister Saad Hariri who originally resigned from his post while visiting the Saudi Kingdom, then suspending his resignation is a sign that a political crisis has been set in motion. So what happens next?

It appears that diplomacy is a lost art form…..instead of talking we prefer to start shooting…..

What a waste!


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