Traitors Of The Middle East

Breaking News (a little late)……..the pedophile in Alabama has lost the senate race……Jones has won….long live the republic.

By now the media has worked the Trump announcement of the move of the embassy in Israel to Jerusalem for all it is worth.  Finally the MSM has taken notice of what is happening in the “Holy Land” that is other than some Israeli being attacked or some errant missile flies into Southern Israel.  But the Western media only shows the protests by the Palestinians seldom the brutality of the Israeli forces….

Trump’s knee jerk decision was given birth to more protests all over the Middle East.  It all looks like the Arab people are behind the Palestinians….but what about the Arab leaders?

Jordan’s king has given support, so has Turkey the same with Lebanon…the Arab League has issued statement but it is a toothless warning……

Lebanon’s Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil said during the emergency meeting that Arab nations should consider imposing economic sanctions against the United States to prevent it moving its Israel embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv.

“Pre-emptive measures (must be) taken … beginning with diplomatic measures, then political, then economic and financial sanctions,” he said, without giving specific details.

The Arab League is a toothless tiger thanx to the Saudis who are working much like the US at the UN Security Council…..but what good is it when the leader is an Israeli stooge?

The Palestinians stand little chance because the “leader” of the Arab World has been playing nice with Israel for several years trying to head off Iran’s growing presence in the Middle East.  I even read on Twitter that some twat from Saudi suggested that the Palestinians pick a village outside Jerusalem as their capital.

Then the country of Bahrain has sent a delegation of friendship to Israel…..

Amid ongoing controversy over the US decision to move its embassy to Jerusalem, a Bahraini delegation has arrived in Israel to “send a message of peace”, according to media reports.

A report in the Times of Israel on Sunday said the visit indicated a warming of ties between the two countries, which do not maintain diplomatic relations.

Looks like Bahrain is following the Saudi example and betraying the Arab world…..especially the Palestinians.

The question has been asked….what is up with the Saudis and Israel?

Israel and Saudi Arabia may seem unlikely allies in regional politics but recent developments have pushed Riyadh and Tel Aviv closer together, setting the stage for the Middle East’s strangest bedfellows.

The covert ties between Israel and Saudi Arabia, based on an alliance against the “common threat” of Iran, are part of a new regional paradigm, analysts say.

The inclusion of Israel as a potential partner reflects a break from the fragmented order in the Middle East, where since the early 2000s the United States has sought to create a hegemonic system to dominate West-friendly states, brought about by either elections or deposition.

This is a great moment for Qatar…..they can become the pillar for Palestinian statehood…..

Why would Trump do this ill advised thing  (the recognition)?

Trump’s decision was all about placating his base. There is no other strategic rationale for taking this step now, which is why the president’s advisers have struggled in background briefings to explain how it is in the United States’ security interest. And even the domestic politics for Trump are not very compelling: Sure, he promised to move the embassy during the campaign, but this was not a central tenet of his platform.


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