December 11, 1941

A day late!

Thanx to my medical thing I was late posting this small history lesson…..I apologize for my tardiness……

Four days after the attack on Pearl Harbor, Germany’s Hitler made his first grand mistake……

Four days after Pearl Harbor, in arguably the most insane and pivotal decision in history, Adolf Hitler needlessly declared war on the United States.

December 7, 1941, a distracted Hitler was at “Wolf’s Lair” his gloomy, dank Eastern Front field headquarters in Prussia, absorbing the reality that his Russian campaign, launched with stunning success and fanfare less than six months earlier, had permanently stalled within sight of Moscow, a mere five miles from the Kremlin’s Onion Domes—on December 2.

A Hitler “oh shit” moment!


6 thoughts on “December 11, 1941

  1. Not as memorable I guess but Dec. 11 is also the beginning of the siege of the “Alamo of the Pacific” which luckily would not end as the Alamo in Texas with the slaughter of the entire garrison. I remember watching the less than accurate movie “Wake Island” with my father, a Pacific veteran. The final scene with Brian Donlevy manning a thirty cal. has always stuck with me as I watched tears form in my father’s eyes. Wish war was as glorious as it is portrayed and a righteous as World War II. Thanks for posting for all the wrong reasons. It gave me a warm memory of my father.

  2. Adolf certainly ‘lost the plot’ with that decision. But even if he hadn’t done it, the US would have been drawn into the war against the Germans.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Agreed but if he had used the USSR instead of invading he could have been more successful….but that is hindsight and we know what that is, huh? LOL chuq

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