Could Donald Be The Next Mikhail

If you read my “Tags” you will see it has USSR and being the way things are these days one might think that this post is about Russia-gate…..but sorry to disappoint….it is not about that at all.

It is a comparison by The American Conservative between Donald Trump and Mikhail Gorbachev….

Back in the waning days of the USSR the leader Gorbachev tried to change things in his country the tired old orthodoxies into a new way of thinking…..some could say this is what Fearless Leader is trying to do…..only with less real humpf behind the try….

TAC’s own Rod Dreher recently highlighted an American professor’s exchange with an African diplomat, who compared Donald Trump to Mikhail Gorbachev. Just as the last Soviet premier unwittingly became “the man who destroyed a superpower,” Trump in this view is recklessly squandering the United States’ global position. But upon reflection, the analogy holds for another reason: Whatever Trump’s own mixture of “irritable mental gestures,” Trumpism—as articulated by Steve Bannon, Laura Ingraham, Michael Anton & Company—can be read as a sort of perestroika for the American Right.

A reader may naturally look warily at the comparison. Can one discern a link between the rhetoric of Breitbart and Gorbachev’s exhortation, “to reject obedience to any dogma, to think independently, to submit one’s thoughts and plans of action to the test of morality”? However reaching, the comparison may allow us to discern why debates over immigration and trade now capture the conservative imagination in a way not reducible to “white identity politics” or reflexive loyalty to the president.

Hopefully the US does not suffer the way Russia did after the fall…..I can see no good coming out of a Trump presidency……sorry for that……


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