Thinking Aloud on a Sunday

Another FYI re-blog on the whole debacle that is WP….this one is from my friend Pete and makes excellent points. chuq



For obvious reasons, I have been thinking a lot about WordPress today.

When I started blogging, this platform stood out as being the most user-friendly, to a novice blogger. The set-up was relatively simple, and I was soon up and running with my own new blog. WordPress also enjoyed a huge following all over the world, so this gave me lots to explore, and also attracted followers to my blog. Over time, I managed to get help from many others in the community, and I was able to learn how to add images, change themes, and much more.

Fast forward five years, and my WordPress blogs have become my main hobby. The first thing I do after I get up, and the last thing I do before going to bed. In between, I read other blogs, comment on posts, and reply to comments on mine. Blogging makes me content…

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WORSTpress Fucks Up AGAIN.

WORSTpress Fucks Up AGAIN.

This is an FYI re-blog.

I was having problems with my “Press This” button and sent WP an email for help so far no answer.

But I did find a post from my friend at “Mr. Militant Negro” about the problem …… At least someone is on the ball and it ain’t WP. chuq