Wine Snob Succumbs

Sunday and Fall is here with cooler nights and warm days…..perfect weather to get out and about….and have glass of wine (not until the doctor says it is okay) and some fruit and cheese….

I do hope that all are having a pleasant weekend……

A few years ago I wrote a “Food” blog, the Food Nazi, I offered up recipes, reviews and wine news….I am a Food Nazi for I believe the food should be prepared the way it is suppose to be prepared….no fusion…….I guess call me a traditionalist…… I am a wine snob as well… goes with red and white with white…….few exceptions.

I admit that I have never been impressed with the red wine, Merlot…..but I must change my tune for I have had a few truly good Merlots in the last year.

I see that I am not alone….other wine snobs have found the medium red to their liking after years of horrible reviews…..

Hearing a lot of buzz about merlot? It’s not just because October is International Merlot Month. Sales of the “luxury” medium-bodied red wines made from merlot grapes have increased 5% over the past year, while sales of merlots of $100 or more are up 8% in restaurants, reports Bloomberg. Consider, too, that a 2016 Wine Intelligence report found merlot to be the top varietal choice for US drinkers of all ages and you might just be forced to overthrow all preconceived notions of merlot as, well, gross. When made well, it’s actually quite delicious, “medium-bodied with velvety soft, rounded plummy fruits and none of those drying tannins associated with Cabernet Sauvignon,” Gus Clemens writes at the San Angelo Standard-Times.

So why the bad rap? Bloomberg explains merlot has always been a favorite in Bordeaux, France, where it’s the most planted vine. In the 1990s, Americans started fancying the grape, too, prompting the number of merlot cases sold in the US to spike from 800,000 in 1990 to 20.3 million in 2000. To get in on the trend, California wineries who’d never made merlot before began to plant the grape in unsuitable soils and climates and “overwrought, overripe, over-alcoholic and over-oaked” merlots took over shelves, reports Hour Detroit. The wine’s reputation further plummeted after it was bashed in the 2004 film Sideways, says Clemens; many of those California wineries producing mass-market swill ripped out their vines as a result. Yet experienced merlot growers kept making delicious wine, which now appears to be getting due recognition. Clemens’ advice: “Give merlot another chance.”

If you find some reds a bit too heady then I suggest that you give a Merlot a try….I think you might be surprisingly impressed.

That is it for my Sunday post…..please enjoy the rest of your weekend and I will return to the more serious stories tomorrow……Peace and Love…..chuq