Closing Thought–10Nov17

We all have read about the horrific attack last week in the church in Texas…..20+ killed including seniors and children….and as usual the conversation was all about the ease at which guns are available in this country.

But here is another conversation that most have not heard or seen…….the blame game.

There are some like that whack case Alex Jones that is blaming the anti-fascist movement for the carnage….the antifa.

Far-right websites and conspiracy theorists have promoted conspiracy theories alleging a mass shooting suspect was an anti-fascist activist in the wake of a deadly attack that left 26 people dead in a Texas church.


Far-right forums and websites wasted little time ascribing the blame to anti-fascists (also known as Antifa), sharing a doctored image of the suspected shooter holding up a flag that read “anti-fascist action”.

Alex Jones, who heads the InfoWars conspiracy website, tweeted a video clip from his show on Wednesday in which he alleged Kelley was linked to Antifa. Jones described the alleged assailant as “an atheist [paedophile] obsessed with death” who “matches classic Antifa profile”.

These alt-Right Trump boot lickers are a bit much…….Trump can do no wrong…..when they should be telling the world that he can do NO right.

If you believe that crap then I have a bridge in Brooklyn I will sell you…..dirt cheap.

Time for me to back out and start my Veterans Day celebration…..please take a moment out of your weekend to remember all those Americans who died in service to their country…..thanx…..chuq


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