GOP Wassup?

DC is awash with chaos.  The rebellion is lead (in a way) by Flake, Corker and McCain and according to Trumpites these men are RINOs.

RINOs simply because they will not stand by and let Trump ruin this country.

If we therm I would wear the badge proudly.

But it makes perfect sense….a label from a group that thinks in labels and slogans.

The problem is most “conservatives” today would not know conservatism if it bit them in the ass.

Maybe it is time to re-think Burke and conservatism…….

Conservatives are engaged in deep introspection these days. As they reconsider their direction, they would do well to look back to the formative period of their movement. They may find something there of great value—something many conservatives think their movement embraced, but in truth rejected.

By 1952, liberal candidates had not only captured the last five Democratic presidential nominations but the past five Republican nominations as well. Most observers considered conservatism dead—a philosophy unsuited for modern times. A small number of intellectuals disagreed. They believed that—if redefined—conservatism might be resuscitated. But they passionately disagreed about how it should be redefined.

Source: Burke Not Buckley | The American Conservative


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